MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction boosters already seeing pre-release discount

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Looks like Thunder Junction’s outlaws are already robbing us blind with those pre-release discounts!

There’s no shame in struggling to keep up with the amount of Magic: The Gathering sets. Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the next core set to launch, and it’s already seeing pre-release discounts on its Play Booster Bundles.

Heavily discounted by 14%, the Play Booster Box contains over 504 MTG cards, wrapped up neatly in 36 different packs. There’s a Shiny Foil in each pack, guaranteed, and there’s also the possibility of expensive art cards being found within. Realistically, unless you’re hoping to buy the cards direct from TCGPlayer or equivalent, then the Play Booster Bundles are your best shot at pulling cards worth your time.

A demon wielding a sword among flames, available for pre-release discount.
A demon wielding a sword among flames, available for pre-release discount.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the first Western themed set in Magic: The Gathering’s expansive history, and it’s going to attract a whole new swathe of fans from spaghetti westerns to gunslinger cowboys. Speaking of, Oko, The Ringleader is the Legendary Planeswalker leading this set, and you’ll be pretty happy to pull his card in any packs you get to open. It’s also worth considering the upcoming Outlaws precon decks too.

On top of that, one of the main reasons why this deal is worth you gunning for is that the set hasn’t even been released yet, and its Amazon price is already slashed from $204.49 to $174.99. This is a fantastic discount, especially considering the fact that these sets aren’t released yet.

Cover Image: Wizards