More PS5 Discounts Are Happening Right Now


  • The PS5 has been treated to a variety of discounts across Europe.
  • The newly introduced promos offer approximately 15% in savings on the PS5 Slim model.
  • The lengthiest deals that debuted as part of the continent-wide sale will run until March 31.

Another large-scale PlayStation 5 sale offering savings in the ballpark of 15% is ramping up in Europe. While select retailers have already introduced notable discounts on the console, some newly emerged evidence suggests that the continent-wide PlayStation 5 sale will extend to even more markets on Monday, March 18.

Around the time of its latest console’s third anniversary, Sony released its revised PS5 Slim model in November 2023. Since then, the new version of the device has already been the subject of one continent-wide sale in Europe, bringing its price down by around 15% in late February, which translated to around €75 in savings.


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Less than a month later, another similar promotion appears to be ramping up, as multiple European retailers have already slashed their PS5 prices over the third weekend of March. The German, Spanish, and Italian versions of Amazon are all already offering the PS5 Slim at up to 18% off, while PlayStation Direct UK is currently selling the console at a 12% discount. Dealabs’ Billbil-kun, who has a long track record of leaking gaming sales of this sort well in advance, reports that French retailers Cdiscount and Fnac will be joining the promotion on March 18, together with Amazon France.

PlayStation 5 Sales in Europe Right Now

  • PS5 Slim at €449 (18% off) from Amazon Germany
  • PS5 Slim at €468 (15% off) from Amazon Italy
  • PS5 Slim at €449 (12% off) from Amazon Spain
    • Comes with 2 DualSense controllers
  • PS5 Slim at £419.99 (12% off) from PlayStation Direct UK
  • PS5 Slim at £469 (11% off) from PlayStation Direct UK
    • Offer ends March 31
    • Comes with 2 DualSense controllers
  • PS5 Slim at €355 (35% off) from A1 Croatia
    • Offer ends March 17, or while supplies last
    • The promotional price is only available for adding a new line or renewing one’s phone/broadband service, both on a two-year contract.

Although the timing of these newly emerged deals indicates that this is another coordinated PlayStation 5 promotion on Sony’s part, the lengths of the individual deals vary quite wildly; some third-party offers are only planned to be available for a few days, while the PlayStation Direct PS5 sales are already confirmed to remain live until the end of March. At the same time, the Amazon promotions, though directly fulfilled by Sony, do not have a specific end date. The continent-wide sale appears to also encompass some minor price cuts on select PS5 accessories, including several variants of the DualSense controller that are presently available at up to 7% via Amazon Germany.

This wave of discounts is bound to help Sony bolster the installed base of its current-generation console. According to the Japanese gaming giant’s latest official update, the PS5 has sold nearly 55 million units as of year-end 2023, three years since hitting the market. It hence continues to outsell its direct rival, the Xbox Series X/S, at a ratio of two to one.

Limited-time sales of this sort might be the best opportunity for price-conscious gamers to purchase the latest PlayStation console in the foreseeable future. That’s because Sony itself recently dismissed the idea of a permanent PS5 price cut happening anytime soon, labeling such a move as “difficult.”

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5

The Sony PlayStation 5 console is one of the most popular gaming machines currently with a fast SSD, a custom AMD APU, and 16GB of GDDR6 console memory, making it one of the best options on the market. It also happens to have a surprising number of console exclusives and currently trades at a discount at multiple retailers nationwide.

4K Capabilities
Yes, Up to 4K 120Hz

Power Source
AC Power

What’s Included
Console, HDMI Cable, Controller, A/C Power, Stand, Documentation

Sony PlayStation

Processing Power
Up to 10.3 TFLOPS


Custom 8-Core Zen 2

Built-in with the controller

12 pounds