Monsters Never Cry is a new idle gacha RPG that’s just released for iOS and Android

  • Monster Never Cry sets you as the villain of your world
  • It combines base-building, hatching, RPG, idle and gacha mechanics
  • Is this the next big thing or just a flash of brilliance?

Monsters Never Cry is a new idle gacha RPG that’s just hit full-release, and already been shooting up the charts. The game is currently #1 for Simulation on iOS since it was first released for the platform earlier this year, while it also launched on March 17th for Google Play. And it combines many different genres’ worth of features.

Monster Never Cry is one of those rare, but not unheard of, situations where you technically play as the villain. Like the classic Dungeon Keeper, you take on the role of the Demon Lord rebuilding a location known as the Exiled City to form your base of operations. It combines base-building, RPG battles and the hatching of eggs to produce powerful new monsters. All while pitting your gruesome monstrosities against the not-so-good armies of the Hero King.

Monstrously good?

As we said, Monster Never Cry has already started to gain some traction, although this isn’t unheard of when it comes to new releases. From what we’ve seen so far it has a huge number of mechanics, from gacha rolls, to hatching, AFK rewards, wave survival and more. So it can’t be said that it isn’t stuffed with things to do. The idea of playing as the villain is also interesting, although not wholly unique, for those who prefer flashy monsters over boring variations of blokes in armour, this may be something that draws them into the gacha black hole.

But is Monster Never Cry going to be the next big hit? Or is this initial wave of interest soon to pass? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Monster Never Cry is available now for iOS and Android.

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