May 31, 2023

Monster Sanctuary “Relics of Chaos” replace introduced, patch notes

Posted on Might 9, 2023 by Brian(@NE_Brian)
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Monster Sanctuary Relics of Chaos update

Monster Sanctuary has one other huge replace in retailer that must be showing on Swap very quickly.

The spotlight right here is Relic Mode, which provides a brand new kind of apparatus to the sport. Gamers may use new expertise. Lastly, there’s numerous high quality of life enhancements together with tons of steadiness modifications.

The complete patch notes for the Monster Sanctuary “Relics of Chaos” replace are as follows:

New sport mode: Relic Mode

This can be a new sport mode that provides a brand new kind of apparatus to the sport: “Relics”!

Relics are highly effective gear with some excessive results, however typically have some drawbacks or restrictions.

In Relic mode, you’ll discover one random Relic in a random chest in each space. The chest has a particular coloration and accommodates its regular objects together with the Relic. Moreover, you may get random Relics from reward containers and purchase Relics from the brand new Enviornment Coupon NPC when you’ve reached the Keeper Grasp rank. There are 39 Relics whole, and they don’t seem to be allowed in PvP matchmaking. In personal lobbies they are often enabled.

New Expertise

  • Static Strike – First hit by no means misses and offers 15% extra harm when not crucial
  • Riposte – Counter Assault with 300% Protection and triples the possibility to set off on hit results 
  • Shock Assist – Non damaging actions apply shock to 2 random enemies
  • Heavy Hitter – Monster beneficial properties 1% crit harm for each 20 Protection
  • Therapeutic Echo – When utilizing a single goal therapeutic motion, additionally heal one other ally with the bottom well being by 35% that potential’s whole therapeutic quantity

High quality of Life Modifications

  • The Map now exhibits how a lot % of it you already explored! When choosing a tile it solely exhibits it for that space.
  • A button has been added which helps you to use Smoke Bombs within the Talent choice menu throughout fight.
  • ‘Take away Flashes’ possibility (Removes menu blinking and display flashes in fight)
  • You’ll be able to Examine your individual Monstera now
  • Crit Likelihood and Crit Injury is displayed for Monsters when inspecting them
  • You’ll be able to rewatch the ultimate cutscenes  a number of occasions as a substitute of solely after beating the ultimate boss (There’s a NPC to the left of the PvP Enviornment, after defeating the ultimate boss). He additionally provides you an choice to make a Workforce photograph collectively along with your Monsters!
  • Elevated Monster Gold acquire formulation
  • You’ll be able to identify the three beginning Monster in Bravery Mode on the very begin
  • Gentle and Darkish shifts alternate for all monsters discovered within the wild now
  • Goblin Miner now has a double discover potential (mild + Crush)
  • Indicator if a monster has been totally fed or not (small Cutlery icon proper subsequent to the extent)
  • The legendary keeper encounters additionally grant a small quantity of gold now (1000), each on regular defeat and re-fights.
  • The Icon within the taskbar will blink / ask for consideration once you’ve discovered a match in PvP (if the sport is in tray. Home windows solely.)
  • If an Assault is “dodged” it’s visually represented by the “textual content” dodge fairly than miss
  • Possibility added to open all containers (of the chosen model)
  • Risk to take again lately assigned Talent Factors (Till you exit sport or the monster participates in an encounter)
  • Added Savefile Administration choices (Delete/Copy)
  • Sport will now not settle for mouse enter, if one other program is in entrance of it
  • Added a Service provider within the Infinity Enviornment that may promote Reward field objects for coupons attainable by means of the world (you earn 1 Enviornment Coupons each 12 ranges, not counting the degrees you began on). 

Monster Balancing

  • Tengu, Promethean, Kame: beneficial properties ‘Static Strike’
  • Sizzle Knight: beneficial properties ‘Riposte’, ‘Electrify’, ‘Kindle’, ‘Cascade’, ‘Heavy Hitter’, loses ‘Defend Aura’, ‘Mana Plus’, ‘Stunning Present’, ‘Burning Warmth’, ‘Crit Injury Plus’
  • Elderjel, Manticorb: Gentle shift +1 base mana
  • Glowfly: beneficial properties ‘Shock Assist’, ‘Therapeutic Echo’
  • Qillin, Shockhopper: beneficial properties ‘Shock Assist’
  • Raduga: beneficial properties ‘Vital Mass’, loses ‘Vital Boon’. Darkish shift +1 base magic, +1 base mana, mild shift -1 Well being
  • Crackle Knight: beneficial properties ‘Heavy Hitter’, loses ‘Mana Plus’
  • Diavola: beneficial properties ‘Heavy Hitter’
  • Imori: beneficial properties ‘Heavy Hitter’, loses ‘Crit Injury Plus’
  • Thanatos: beneficial properties ‘First Influence’, ‘Vicious,’ ‘Shared Glory’, ‘Giantsbane’, loses ‘Well being Plus’ and ‘Duality’. Each shifts acquire +1 assault & magic. 
  • Monk, Sycophantom: beneficial properties ‘Therapeutic Echo’
  • Molebear: beneficial properties ‘Vital Boon’, ‘Tenacious Barrier’
  • Megataur: beneficial properties ‘Combo Initiator’, ‘Crit Likelihood+’, loses ‘Situational Assist’, ‘Protector’ and -1 Base Protection. Gentle shift loses -1 Max Well being
  • Dracozul: each shifts acquire +1 assault, +1 magic & +1 Mana 
  • Draconoir, Draconov, Dracomer: each shifts acquire +1 assault & +1 magic
  • Lava Blob: beneficial properties ‘Dying Blow’
  • Ice Blob: beneficial properties ‘Disarming Shielding’
  • Rainbow Blob: beneficial properties ‘Phoenix Affinity’, ‘Strike Mastery’, ‘Armor Bypass’ +1 Base Mana, loses ‘Life Stability’, ‘Well being Plus’, ‘Crit Injury+’. 
  • Beetloid: beneficial properties ‘Chain Response’
  • Mogwai: Each shifts acquire +1 assault & +1 magic
  • Nautilid: beneficial properties ‘Shock Assist’, ‘Miracle’, ‘Spell Mastery’. Loses ‘Psychokinesis’. Gentle shift modified to Mass Mystify.
  • Tanuki: beneficial properties ‘Auto Restore’, ‘Buffing Heal’, ‘Auto Restore’, ‘Vital Therapeutic’, ‘Improved Assault’, loses ‘Defend Aura’, ‘Meditation’, ‘Potion Mastery’, ‘Protection Focus’, ‘Improved Glory’
  • Bard: mild shift -1 Well being
  • Terradrile: beneficial properties ‘Heavy Hitter’, loses ‘Tenacious Barrier’
  • Frosty: beneficial properties ‘Jolly Spirit’
  • Spectral Toad: beneficial properties ‘Tenacious Barrier’, mild shift +1 Max Well being, darkish shift +1 Max Well being, +1 Assault, +1 Magic
  • Spectral Lion: beneficial properties ‘Wonderful Spark’
  • Glowfly: +Therapeutic Echo (shock help place modified)
  • Krakaturtle: beneficial properties ‘Static Mass’
  • Polterofen: Gentle Shift -1 Base Protection
  • Crystal Snail: Gentle Shift -1 Base Well being
  • Targoat: Gentle Shift -1 Base Well being
  • Goblin Brute: Each shifts acquire +1 Base Mana
  • Vertraag: beneficial properties Sorcerous Enhance. Positions of Void Flare and Therapeutic Wave swapped within the ability tree.
  • Aurumtail: Each shifts acquire +1 Base Mana and +1 Base Well being

Talent Balancing

  • ‘Duality’ can’t set off ‘shared’ buff expertise anymore and vise versa
  • ‘Curse Resistance’ is an distinctive aura now that provides 25% probability to withstand debuff/detrimental stacks utility
  • ‘Tenacious Barrier’ now reduces Debuff results by 10% per stack (as a substitute of resisting them)
  • ‘Path to Ascension’, ‘Path to Data’ and ‘Path to Valhalla’ expertise are distinctive now
  • ‘Marvel Potion’ has all its values decreased by 1 (was 4&4 / 2&2 for multi. Now’s 3&3 / 1&1)
  • ‘Burning Need’ decreased to three% (beforehand 4%)
  • ‘Unstable Defend’ offers 150% harm now (beforehand 175%)
  • ‘Spark’ values elevated to 45 def, 30 Mana Regen and 60% probability to use burn (on highest improve degree)
  • ‘Mana Donor’ elevated to 30% (beforehand 25%)
  • ‘Mana Focus’ elevated to 30% (beforehand 25%)
  • ‘Occult Management’ elevated to three,5% (beforehand 3%)
  • ‘Assist Chord’ the random buff can now not set off any extra sharing expertise
  • ‘Minnesang’ decreased the heal depend by 1 on each degree, however enhance the assault scaling a bit to 30% (beforehand 25%)
  • ‘Glitter’ Elevated to six% (beforehand 5%)
  • ‘Worm Troop’ Elevated heal and mana regen worth to twenty% (beforehand 10%)
  • ‘Mass Mystify’ Elevated probability to 70% (beforehand 60%) and make it apply a random buff to a random ally 
  • ‘Icy Fists’ Elevated probability to 50% (beforehand 25%)
  • ‘Spirit Power’ Elevated to twenty% (beforehand 15%)
  • ‘Trickster’ Elevated shielding to 4% (beforehand 3%) 
  • ‘Smoke Display screen’ applies to all enemies now
  • ‘Jolly Spirit’ moreover grants a random buff
  • ‘Channeling Steadiness’ elevated to 7.5% (from 6%)
  • ‘Curse Transfusion’ elevated to five% (from 4%)
  • ‘Backstab’ Elevated harm to 35% (from 30%) and cut back threshold to 70% (from 75%)
  • ‘Spectral Cannon’ lvl 2: Injury elevated to 475%
  • ‘Snowball Toss’ harm elevated on all ranges (570% on highest degree as a substitute of 540%)
  • ‘Magic Penetration’ elevated to twenty% (from 15%)
  • ‘Defend Crush’ decreased to twenty% (from 25%)
  • ‘Necromancy’ elevated heal worth to 25% (from 20%)
  • ‘Debuff Selection’ elevated to three% (from 2.5%)
  • ‘Piercing Lightning’ decreased Armor Penetration down to twenty%, base harm elevated to 450% (on highest degree)
  • ‘Frostbite’ probability elevated to 50% (from 40%)
  • ‘Blood Magic’ probability and bleed harm modified to 40% (from 35%)
  • ‘Combo Initiator’ harm enhance and hit modified to 30% (from 25%)
  • ‘Blood Drive’ probability decreased to 70% (from 75%)
  • When reviving a monster in PvP, that monster can’t use revive or ultimates for that flip 
  • ‘Sluggish Burn’ now triggers passives as if all fees have been consumed

Gear Balancing

  • ‘Gray Pearl’ Assault, Magic & Protection elevated to 100 (from 90), Max Well being elevated to 1000 (from 900)
  • ‘Abyssal Sword’ Elevated Assault & Magic values to 250 (from 240) and set off probability to 100% (from 80%) on max degree.
  • ‘Bandana’, ‘Needle’ and ‘Ribbon’ have +5 Max Mana (on highest improve degree)
  • ‘Brooch’ +1% Crit Likelihood
  • ‘Solar Pendant’ Shielding elevated to 175 (beforehand 150)
  • ‘Hexing Rod’ All tiers now apply only one Debuff, however Assault & Magic elevated barely (160 + 245 at +5)

Bug Fixes

  • Will(NPC) now not suggests monsters don’t die in permadeath mode
  • ‘Maneki’, ‘Breaking Assist’, ‘Icy Fists Debuffs’, ‘Venomous Fangs’, ‘Acid Spit’ and ‘Poisonous Assist’ now stacks with themselves itself (when a number of monsters have it)
  • ‘Terradrile’ can’t use historic conjunction no matter degree within the randomizer anymore
  • You’ll be able to’t skip Double soar boots if in case you have “massive rock” within the Blue cave anymore
  • Up to date Pores and skin Colours on the Explorer outfit
  • Mounted ‘Catzerker’ being seen as a “champion monster” on the donation military
  • Eliminated the flexibility to have the ability to teleport on prime of Goblin fort when leaping in blob type into small areas of the ceiling
  • ‘Therapeutic Defend’ now not has a protect preview when previewing a potion
  • ‘Sorcerous enhance’ shielding now correctly scales with Magic fairly than Assault
  • Mounted ‘Amberlgna’ spore potential not disappearing when triggering a cutscene whereas affected
  • You now teleport to Mountain Path as a substitute of Stronghold when utilizing a crystal shard earlier than preventing ‘Steam Golem’
  • Bex received’t name the Skorch substitute monster wrongly within the randomizer anymore when bravery mode is activated
  • Zosimos within the Solar temple now has a shifted monster in randomizer once more
  • ‘Imitate’ and ‘counterfeit’ don’t bypass shield anymore if you happen to imitate a ability that ko’ed a monster
  • You’ll be able to’t get a swimming monster by means of rewards containers pre solar palace anymore
  • You’ll be able to’t combat the ‘Steam Golem’ Champion combat from the unsuitable aspect anymore
  • ‘Infernal roar’ now works with crucial therapeutic
  • Eliminated the flexibility to maneuver the digital camera along with your mouse when inserting markers on the map.
  • Monster Tamer outfit now specifies 111 monster fairly than 101 when its not unlocked
  • The room you discover Mozzy in can’t be clipped inside anymore
  • ‘Warhorn’ now not heals the very best well being monster fairly than the bottom well being
  • ‘Shockhopper’ can now be donated in NG+ after speaking to the Cryomancer
  • Cryomancer will now not ask for unattainable monster eggs
  • Now you can use ‘Twin Mobility’ regardless if you happen to have been swimming or standing on the bottom (improved flight exterior of the water after swimming)
  • Mounted some seed not in a position to generate (examples: 72790 and 85512)
  • Mounted sure fights softlocking in Randomizer mode
  • Further hits from equipments now present correctly within the preview
  • ‘Shock’ now correctly interacts with ‘Supercharged’
  • ‘hourglass’ and ‘cauldron’ Now work once more
  • ‘Combo Initiator’ Mounted to solely work if you happen to’re going first
  • Utilizing ‘Poison Eater’ alongside ‘Bolster’ now grants two buffs to the consumer fairly than allies
  • Imitating or Counterfeiting ‘Cataclysm’ on an ‘Elemental shift’ monster will now not mess up its Resistance and Weak point “view”
  • Infinity Enviornment Monsters now not use Revive Ultimates
  • Mounted the bug that on some seeds you begin with completely different monsters generally
  • When utilizing a savegame with permadead monsters for NG+, these monsters are revived now
  • Buying and selling a monster in Bravery to the Cryomancer now not allows you to nonetheless use its follower potential
  • Ballistics now preview their miss probability
  • After hatching your first monster, the dialogue with the acquainted is again
  • Mounted a possible out of sync in PvP attributable to ‘Phoenix Affinity’
  • Buff information view now not stays on display completely when open whereas PvP timer runs out
  • Monsters fall down cliffs in randomizer solely very hardly ever now

Watch a trailer for the Monster Sanctuary “Relics of Chaos” replace under.

Word that this new replace is predicted to be on Swap very quickly – probably inside per week.


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