Monster Hunter Now will celebrate Lunar New Year in February with the Lucky Lunar New Year event

Hunt Pink Rathian and forge new exclusive equipment pieces.

Monster Hunt Now is announcing that it will celebrate Lunar New Year next month. From February 1st to the 15th, you’ll be able to participate in Lucky Lunar New Year event quests. During the event, you’ll have a chance to nab event-exclusive equipment and will see Lunar New Year decorations throughout the game.

You can gather Fortune Lanterns for the event’s time-limited Fortune Gathering quest. These lanterns come in red, white and gold, with some colours being more difficult to find than others. You’ll be rewarded with Zenny, LNY 2024 Armor Tickets and a Hunter Medal: Lucky Lunar New Year Medal for completing this quest.

Monster Hunter Now’s Lucky Lunar New Year event also includes a Hunt-a-thon quest, which tasks you with hunting specific monsters. Featuring five levels, the quest ends with an urgent quest in which you’ll need to hunt Pink Rathian. Beginning February 7th, you can test your skills in the Lucky Lunar New Year Challenge. The event features challenging quests where you’ll need to slay 6-star or greater monsters. For completing these challenges, you’ll gain monster materials, including Wyvern Gem Shards.

Pink Rathian will pop up in Hunt-a-thons and on the field throughout the Lucky Lunar New Year event. Each time you slay one of these monsters, you’ll earn either an LNY 2024 Hammer Ticket or an LNY 2024 Dual Blades Ticket. Further, you’ll get one of these tickets for any monster you slay at a Hunt-a-thon Point during the event.

The new event also introduces three new exclusive pieces of equipment: Lucky Dragon Hammer, Fortune Dragon Fans, and Dragon Dance Mask. The Lucky Dragon Hammer and the Fortune Dragon Fans have a skill effect that can reduce damage from a monster’s attack. Conversely, the Dragon Dance Mask increases the damage multiplier of critical hits.

Gather enough tickets during the event to forge the Dragon Dance Mask. You can forge the other two exclusive pieces of equipment using tickets gathered from Pink Rathian hunts and hunt-a-thons and Pink Rathian materials. To stay up to date with all the latest Monster Hunter Now news, visit the game’s official website.