September 28, 2023

Need to up your defences and look cool whilst doing it? Enter our Monster Hunter Now Best Gear guide! Our guide will keep you snuggly and well-protected no matter which monster you face off against in this strange world of foes.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest entry in the MH franchise! However, this one is a little different when compared to the rest. Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO is behind this brand-new project. It’s basically IRL Monster Hunter – what’s not to love? Hunt monsters using augmented technology and collect a variety of powerful weapons to help you along the way. Players can also unite with friends in battles against the more powerful foes in this ever-evolving game.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We also recommend checking out our Monster Hunter Now Guide, or maybe our Monster Hunter Now Tier List. We also have a pretty cool post on Type Soul Clan Tier List.

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Monster Hunter Now Best Gear

So, which is it?

Now of course our best may be different from your personal preference, after all, each weapon and armour set has its own unique perks and drawbacks. So, this is the gear we think is the most well-rounded for all your battles.

Best Weapon

Without a doubt we love the Bow and Long Sword. Both of these highly capable weapons become available at Hunter Rank 15, definitely worth the grind!

  • Bow
    • Medium-range attacks
    • Charged up to four levels, with unique arrows and damage to each level.
    • Special Skill: Dragon Piercer
  • Long Sword
    • Consecutive and speedy attacks
    • The Spirit Gauge charges up as you attack monsters which increases your damage (Resets if you take damage)
    • Special Skill: Spirit Helm Breaker

Best Armour

Of course this is what we think is the best! You may find a different armour set works for you, after all, Monster Hunter Now is entirely location based. We derived our best from internal feedback amongst ourselves and friends who play the game.

  • Rathian Helm
    • DEF: 65-182
    • Health Boost
    • Poison Attack
  • Girros Mail
    • DEF: 34-182
    • Paralysis Resistance
    • Sneak Attack
  • Rathalos Vambraces
    • DEF: 82-182
    • Fire Resistance
    • Attack Boost
  • Rathian Coil
    • DEF: 65-182
    • Poison Resistance
    • Burst
  • Rathalos Greaves
    • DEF: 82-182
    • Fire Resistance
    • Weakness Exploit

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