Mobile space war MMO OGame is promoting intergalactic warfare with a plushie

  • OGame is a space MMO with a twenty-year pedigree
  • It’s only recently become available on mobile for you to play in the palm of your hand
  • Now, the latest effort by Gameforge sees OGame’s iconic Destroyer turned into a plushie

Mobile space war MMO title OGame is taking a decidedly unusual tack when it comes to promoting its game. Not mugs, nor t-shirts and not even posters, instead developers Gameforge are hosting a community-driven campaign to turn one of their in-game ships into a collectable plushie. With a campaign being hosted on Makeship to turn the in-game Destroyer into its own piece of soft-play merch.

It’s an unusual tactic, especially for something two decades old like OGame which has been going since 2002. It only recently made the jump to mobile, hence our coverage, and has already had merchandise. So why a plushie? Well, we’ve got some thoughts…

Soft, cuddly, bristling with heavy armaments
Above, the OGame Destroyer was taken from the Makeship campaign and first used via the creators

Generally, given that OGame has run the gamut from being merely available on a browser to being playable in the palm of your hand it goes without saying that this is a title which has a pedigree. And said pedigree has had it see virtually every modern merchandising change under the sun. Ogame has seen other games endorse everything from t-shirts and mugs to Funko Pops and mouse mats, to even – shudder – NFTs. So originality is in short supply, so why not go completely out there?

A plush is, inherently, unusual for being so cutesy while taking the form of a giant space cruiser. It’s also unique in that many games don’t sell them, and those that do are mainly aimed towards kids or so enormous and dominating that virtually everyone plays them anyway. By making this a community-driven campaign it also means fans of OGame feel like they’re putting something towards getting a new, unique end-product. At least that’s our two cents.

You can check out the OGame Destroyer plushie’s Makeship campaign, and play OGame now on both iOS and Android via your respective app store!