MLB The Show 24 Impact Plays, Player Face Improvements and Road to the Show Gameplay

SDS shared another MLB The Show 24 blog going over the new impact plays, improvements to player faces and over 20 minutes of Road to the Show gameplay footage to download.

In MLB The Show 24, players will have the ability to activate ‘Impact Plays,’ boosting their capacity for game-changing defensive maneuvers. Whether it’s a runner tagging up to reach third or quickly executing a relay to stop a run, Impact Plays let you shape the game with your defensive prowess. The team also increased the likelihood of scaling walls to rob home runs.

New Quick Time Events have been introduced for each position in Road to the Show. These events further isolate their defensive impact, where their performance could determine the outcome of the game. Whether you’re a promising first basemen handling tricky short hops or a catcher facing critical tags at the plate, your skills will ultimately decide the game’s fate.

The graphics and character team has introduced improvements to their skin and eye shaders to capitalize on updates to the enhanced lighting system featured in MLB The Show 24. Achieving accurate specular highlights on the skin and eyes can truly enhance the visual experience. While subtle, this enhancement can elevate a scene to new heights, particularly noticeable on the player edit screen. Make sure to check out the examples on the official website. We’ve also captured 62 screenshots from the 24 minute Road to the Show video and posted them below.

The MLB The Show 24 Standard Edition will release on March 19 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. It will also be included with Game Pass on Day One. The MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Edition costs $124.99 with early access starting on March 15. The MVP and Digital Deluxe Editions will also get 4 days of early access. Also of note, the MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Edition won’t include the disc on PlayStation 5, but will on Xbox Series X|S.