MLB The Show 24 Franchise Mode: Who You Picking?

A time-honored tradition on OS is having a thread up where everyone can chime in and say who they’re going with in franchise mode in the latest iteration of MLB The Show.

With MLB The Show 24, its release date falls in the middle of spring training, but I want to call out this thread now since we got franchise mode news yesterday and also know the ratings of the top players on each team. On top of that, I just love this thread each year because nothing warms my heart more than depressed fans. As a Pirates fan, depression and self-deprecating humor are the only way to survive.

This thread always includes many versions of something like “I’m going to be my favorite team since I know it’s the only way I’ll ever see a title” and, yeah, that hits the spot. There’s also many people who talk about what type of team they want to choose (rebuilding, contender, etc.) so it’s a lot of different folks coming together to chat about their choices.

There are also those who go deep into the weeds with their plans, and that’s where someone like OS user WillieB1214 shines:

I’ve always done he Play 1 – Sim 5 method, but I do have some limited playing so I plan on switching it with a bit more simming this year. I think my current plan is to just kind of let the season come to me and see. I think the Mr. Hurriicane approach from YouTube is a solid way to go about things. I’d say it is roughly 2-3 full games a month, 2-3 other partial games a month, some critical situations, etc.

I want to feel connected to my team while also getting through more than 2 seasons, which I’ve never done without a massive sim.

I am setting a goal of five full seasons before 25. I would love to eventually do 162 games, I think the closest I got was about 125 or so before fizzling.

Still, what I come for the most is what someone like OS user overheadthree has to say: “Going with my home team the Red Sox because they are a dumpster fire and I’ll be able to actually spend money and sign good players.”

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Stop by the thread, it’s a safe space to explain how baseball has hurt you and also talk about your MLB The Show 24 franchise mode plans.