MLB The Show 24 Enters Early Access

The “soft launch” of MLB The Show 24 is now a go as anyone who either got one of the special pre-orders or took advantage of a Game Pass-specific offer has access to the game. However, as of a little after midnight EST, MLB The Show 24 server maintenance is in progress.

This sort of maintenance and general server issues are nothing new for sports games or SDS, though SDS has generally handled it better in recent years. I would suspect the servers will get it together soon enough, but obviously some folks are a little chapped the thing they paid for is not working right at launch. As some give up for the night and go to bed, that will also probably solve the issue on its own for at least tonight.

That said, if you don’t need to get online, you’re free to play whatever else is working for now. However, it does mean Storylines, Diamond Dynasty, and downloading created content is a no-go for now. In other words, it’s probably a good time to poke around franchise mode or create your ballplayer. On the bright side, since they decoupled Road to the Show from Diamond Dynasty, at least that is available right from the start since it no longer needs online connectivity of any sort.

We’ll keep track of the server maintenance going into tomorrow, and if it continues to be an issue we’ll track it closely and put up a story just to focus on that.