Minecraft Shows Off The Armadillo and Wolf Armor, Available Now in Beta and Preview

Today Minecraft‘s developer Mojang provided an extensive look at two new elements coming to the game, the Armadillo and the Wolf Armor.

The Armadillo was the winner of this year’s mob vote and earned itself a place in the game by public acclamation. 

Now we see what it looks like and the mechanics that govern it. Predictably, it will roll up if you scare it by moving too fast around it, which is pretty cute. 

We also learn that the Armadillo’s diet is rather yucky, as it feeds on Spider Eyes. That being said, this is useful information if you want to tame one or a few. 

On top of that, it will drop Scutes, which you can use to craft Wolf Armor, by placing them in a wolf-shaped pattern, of course. This will allow you to bring your faithful domesticated wolves along with you without fearing too much for their safety.

It provides the wolf with protection comparable to diamond horse armor, and apparently, it can let them comfortably survive a creeper’s explosion and even worse. 

You can check out both the Armadillo and the Wolf Armor in the game below. Do keep in mind that the video is just slightly on the overhype side, compared to the magnitude of the features showcased. 

Incidentally, you can check both in the game as well, as they are out right now in a new Beta & Preview build in Minecraft Bedrock, while they’re coming to a Java Snapshot soon. 

You can also find the patch notes on the official site. Incidentally, the Beta & Preview also adds 4K support on Xbox Series X|S consoles, which certainly isn’t a bad addition.

Minecraft is currently available on basically every current platform with a chip in it. If they could run it on a toaster, they probably would. The game has sold over 300 million copies as of October.

If you want to know more about the future of the game, you can also take a look at all the features coming to the next major update 1.21, which will focus on combat adventures and tinkering.