Minecraft Encourages Mob Customization With Blockbench Minecraft Entity Wizard

One of Minecraft‘s latest posts on social media encourages players to take their creativity to the next level with the Blockbench Entity Wizard. While it isn’t new, Blockbench is a tool that can make creating custom mobs a lot easier.

Whether it’s making custom items, blocks, or mobs, the Blockbench tool has everything you need to create on Minecraft Bedrock. And while it’s true that you’re limited to Bedrock, making custom Minecraft worlds no longer requires extensive game dev know-how. Download Blockbench and modify what you need on your PC.

Minecraft Twitter Encourages Fans To Create With Blockbench

Minecraft’s official Twitter recently revitalized buzz surrounding Blockbench, a software that allows users to edit the aspects of vanilla Minecraft. The software comes with tools to edit Bedrock, allowing fans to create whatever they want when it comes to blocks, mobs, and items. Whether you want goblins that replace zombies, deadly fish instead of drowned, or your Creepers to look like sticks of walking dynamite, there’s no shortage of tools to help make your dream Minecraft game a reality.

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The Blockbench software is designed with Minecraft gamers and modders in mind. From the design of the mobs to what they drop, players can use the Minecraft Entity Wizard to create any creature they want in a Minecraft world. If you want to make your snowmen flavored, all you need to do is change the color of their pixels to pink and viola. You have a strawberry snowman. If you want a larger variety of cows to populate your farm, instead of downloading mods for new cows or skins for a new look, why not make your own?

The Minecraft Blockbench Wizard is a fantastic tool that brings modding to a more simple starting point. Start with Minecraft’s default assets, and you can change only slight things in your world to make significant differences. Even if it’s just putting a bow on a Creeper, Blockbench can create unique worlds without excessive external modding. If you want to experience the latest in Blockbench’s tools for yourself, you can visit the Minecraft Entity Wizard official page to learn more.