Microsoft Flight Simulator Singapore, Lubbock, Gladstone, & More Airports Released

Third-party developers released plenty of new airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator alongside sharing new assets and announcements of upcoming add-ons. 

We start with a bit of an odd one, and it’s Singapore Changi  Airport (WSSS) by Imaginesim. It was released today by the developer for £19.99 on its own store. 

It comes with the following claimed features:

  • Features the latest 02C/20C and 02R/20L runways, new parking bays and 40km of new taxiways.
  • Fantastic performance with comprehensive optimization.
  • High definition building texturing.
  • Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage.
  • The vast mid-field Terminal 5 construction area is modelled.
  • Custom SafeGateTM Visual Docking Guidance (VDGS).
  • Interactive bespoke jetways and animations.
  • Instantaneous scenery cache loading and low simulator impact.
  • Switchable ultra or standard texture sets.
  • 52 square kilometer coverage of the WSSS area.
  • Graduated ground extremities to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on.
  • Utilizes our bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI.

What makes this release a bit odd is its circumstances. If you’re a veteran flight simmer, you probably know the Imaginesim name. If you started recently, you may be unaware of this developer’s existence. 

The reason is that, after releasing Atlanta for Microsoft Flight Simulator over three years ago, following a long career in older sims, Imaginesim went completely dark. Back then, they told me Singapore would be out in a matter of weeks before disappearing off the face of Earth.

They reappeared back in May 2023 after nearly three years of silence with a couple of releases with an older simulator, and now they finally have released Singapore. I have no idea what happened in these years, but here we are. 

You can see what the new airport looks like below.

The next release comes from Orbx and it’s Gladstone Airport (YGLA) in Australia. It’s available on Orbx Direct for $16.26.

  • Detailed rendition of Gladstone Airport with ultra-high-resolution textures
  • Extensive terraforming including state-of-the-art double-level parking area; inclined taxiways and sloping terminal area.
  • Highly realistic aprons and taxiways, custom runway and taxiway light models, and taxiway signs
  • Animated trains, rail infrastructure, and nearby Gladstone Power Station are modeled.
  • Detailed terminal interiors
  • Crisp 15cm aerial imagery

Another airport release comes from Fly2High, and it’s Lubbock Airport in Texas, United States. It’s available on iniBuilds’ store for $15.24.

  • Accurate simulation of the nearest Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport
  •  Hand-made ground textures (Runways, aprons, paths, roads)
  •  Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting
  •  Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings
  •  Good optimization of FPS

The next airport release is Noshahr Airport (OINN) in Iran by Fun of Flying. It’s available on Simmarket for $14.61. 

The last airport release in today’s rich list is Mainbullau Airfield (EDFU) in Germany by Spinoza. It’s available on Simmarket for $19.91.

Moving on to new assets, we get an update about the Panavia Tornado by IndiaFoxtEcho. 

The external model is 99% complete with a couple of details to improve. The pilot cockpit is pretty much complete as well, while the navigator one will be completed next week. The first pass of the flight model is in place. All basic systems and instruments are working but some functions need refinement and navigation remains to be done. Sounds still need to be mixed and cockpit sounds still need to be added.

A beta build may be ready by the end of the month and a release could come by the end of February, but this is just an estimate.

The next batch of assets comes from Hadwind Simulations, which released an update about its freeware Airbus A330neo on its Discord server. 

Specifically, we get to see new renders of the flight deck’s 3D models. 

We also got an announcement from Aerosoft, and it’s the second iteration of the Antarctica series, which will be released on January 25. It’ll focus on the Casey Station and Wikins Aerodrome skiways on the Australian part of the continent. 

It’ll also include plenty of coastal landscape with penguin colonies, icebergs, and two icebreakers.

Next on the list are new screenshots of Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) in Australia by Orbx, which should be released really soon.

More screenshots of an upcoming airport come from FS Formosa, and it’s Taitung Airport (RCFN) in Taiwan. The add-on will be released soon on the official marketplace. 

Lastly, more screenshots come from Flight Sim Development Group, which recently announced Hoarafushi Airport (VRAH) in the Maldives.

While we took a short hiatus with our daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news posts due to traveling, that’s done, so you can expect the cycle to restart from today on.