Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 777 by PMDG Gets Spectacular Screenshots and Development Update

Today third-party developers revealed new images of add-on aircraft and scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including a highly-anticipated airliner. 

We start with the Boeing 777 by PMDG, which received new screenshots showing some really interesting details. These include a drain mast and the brakes glowing red hot.

CEO Robert Randazzo mentions that he spent time tuning the temperature response of the carbon brakes to match engineering data and match it with the glow effect, and the frequency of the light emitted depends on the temperature. 

Red-hot brakes in the Boeing 777 by PMDG in Microsoft Flight Simulator

This process is still work-in-progress and PMDG is working to make sure that the glow matches the light frequency shift realistically. The light waveform created by this kind of heat generates interesting visual effects in the real world, which the developers are attempting to recreate. 

This week they also implemented interesting features of the alternate landing gear extension process that will be showcased down the line in a video, and the control logic of the main gear steering actuators. The intention is to simulate the impact of having the main gear steering disabled on the airplane’s energy state during tight turns.

In terms of beta testing, a new build has gone to testers, and the beta is in a transitional phase where the number of fixed items is nearly equal to new reports filed by the team. After that, the aircraft will enter a phase in which testers will start making requests about additional features to implement. 

At that point, PMDG will decide which features will fit the release version of the aircraft and which will be implemented with updates afterward. Overall, development and testing are progressing as expected and the developers are mostly happy with the airplane in its current form. Yet, there are still items that need to be addressed, so it isn’t quite ready for release just yet.

Next, we take another look at Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC) by David Rosenfeld, published by Aerosoft on top of those we saw yesterday. Since it’s my home airport here in Italy, I can tell that it looks really nice. 

Next is another look at Taitung Airport (RCFN) in Taiwan by FS Formosa. The airport is being tested on Xbox in preparation for its release on the official marketplace.

Lastly, Marcus Nyberg announced that his Swedish airport bundle including ESNQ Kiruna, ESNU Umeå, and ESKS Scandinavian Mountains airport will be released soon. Interestingly, the last time we heard about it, it was supposed to include ESNZ Östersund instead of ESKS, but apparently, the plans have changed.

Nyberg will also deliver an update to his excellent Stockholm Arlanda Airport including tower interiors and improved VDGS. Updates are also coming for the developer’s Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB), Visby Airport (ESSV), and Malmö Airport (ESMS). ESMS and Göteborg Landvetter Airport (ESGG) have been submitted for release on Xbox. 

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