June 8, 2023

We’ve the reply for “Michael Jackson’s ____ Is It” is a documentary about Michael Jackson’s comeback: crossword clue if it has been stumping you! Fixing crossword puzzles is usually a enjoyable and fascinating method to train your thoughts and vocabulary expertise. Do not forget that fixing crossword puzzles takes observe, so do not get discouraged when you do not end a puzzle immediately. Maintain training and you will get higher with time–however we’re all the time right here with solutions when you want a serving to hand!

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There are a couple of methods you should utilize that will help you clear up these tough clues. For instance, Wordplay is a way that’s generally utilized in crossword puzzles to create clues which can be each attention-grabbing and difficult. This system entails utilizing numerous phrase video games reminiscent of puns, homophones, anagrams, and double meanings to make the puzzle extra partaking and tough for the solver.

Puns are a preferred type of wordplay, the place a phrase with multiple that means is used to create a playful or humorous clue. For instance, a clue for the phrase “sole” may very well be “Fish and not using a companion?” the place the reply can be “sole” as within the fish or “sole” as in “solely.” Homophones are one other type of wordplay, the place phrases that sound the identical however have completely different meanings are used to create clues. As an illustration, a clue for the phrase “flower” may very well be “What a welder does?” the place the reply can be “flour.”

Anagrams contain rearranging the letters of a phrase or phrase to create a brand new phrase or phrase that’s the reply to the clue. As an illustration, a clue for the phrase “hear” may very well be “Silent,” which is an anagram of “hear.” Double meanings, however, contain utilizing a phrase or phrase that has multiple that means to create a clue that may be interpreted in a number of methods. A clue for the phrase “bark” may very well be “Tree protecting?” the place the reply may very well be “bark” as within the outer layer of a tree, or “bark” as within the sound a canine makes.

“Michael Jackson’s ____ Is It” is a documentary about Michael Jackson’s comeback: Crossword Clue Reply is…

Reply: THIS

This clue final appeared within the Phrase Craze Crossword on Could 18, 2023. You can even discover solutions to previous Phrase Craze Crosswords.

At this time’s Phrase Craze Crossword Solutions

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Clue & Reply Definitions

  • COMEBACK (noun)
    1. a fast reply to a query or comment (particularly a witty or crucial one)
    2. return by a celeb to some beforehand profitable exercise
  • DOCUMENTARY (adjective)
    1. regarding or consisting of or derived from paperwork
    2. (of movie, tv, radio, or pictures) depicting a real-life occasion utilizing pictures or interviews with folks concerned within the occasion
  • DOCUMENTARY (noun)
    1. a movie or TV program presenting the information about an individual or occasion

That must be all the data you might want to clear up for the crossword clue and fill in additional of the grid you’re engaged on! Be sure you verify extra Crossword Clues, Crossword Solutions, and our different Phrase Recreation protection.

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