Metro Quester gameplay

Metro Quester gameplay

A new round of gameplay is here for Metro Quester, a hack and slash dungeon exploration RPG. Kemco published it digitally this week.

For more information about it, read the following overview:

Metro Quester is a dungeon exploration RPG based in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world created by the manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara, with a deep game system desgined by Hironori Kato that offers the excitement and surprises reminiscent of 1980s computer games through hack and slash.

Featuring 24 characters and 8 classes, enjoyable combo skills, numerous customizable weapons, a bestiary, and features like NEW GAME+ for replayability, it offers plenty of depth for dedicated gamers.

The gameplay for Metro Quester on Switch is attached below.


Metro Quester is located on the Switch eShop. It has support for English and Japanese language options.