May 30, 2023

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom permits you to vogue all types of highly effective weapons from twigs, rocks, monster horns, and extra. Nonetheless, there aren’t a number of choices when you occur to want a extra mystical method. Right here’s our information explaining easy methods to get a Magic Rod in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – easy methods to get a Magic Rod

There are just a few methods to get the Magic Rod, which you’ll then mix with valuable stones comparable to a Ruby or Sapphire to supply a very highly effective weapon.

Totk Wizzrobe Battle

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If you’d like a Magic Rod, you’ll be able to typically get one by defeating a Wizzrobe enemy. They’re the basic magic customers that flit about and depart trails of sunshine you have to observe to hit them after they briefly seem and fireplace magic in your route. See the picture above to get have a look at one.

Sadly, the Magic Rod is a uncommon drop. I’ve solely seen a Wizzrobe drop one a handful of occasions, regardless of defeating a good variety of them. The fights can be fairly difficult when you’re not ready, so this methodology shouldn’t be suggested.

Totk Buying Magic Rod From Bargainer Statue

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Probably the most dependable approach to get a Magic Rod is to acquire it from a Bargainer Statue. There are a selection of these statues unfold concerning the Depths. They appear to be a face on a slab of stone they usually mix in with the encompassing space. You simply have to seek out one and pray to it. Then its location can be marked in your map.

Earlier than it’s going to hand over the Magic Rod, the Bargainer Statue expects fee within the type of 100 Poe Souls. You discover these scattered all around the Depths, usually showing as blue wisps that hover over the floor of platforms. Generally, you’ll discover inexperienced ones which are value a number of common souls directly, or uncommon pink ones which are value much more.

Totk Bargainer Statue In Lookout Landing

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Poe Souls return over time, so that you don’t have to fret about exhausting your provide. It’s not tough to construct up tons of and even hundreds of them when you discover the Depths completely. You possibly can change Poe Souls to get and use Darkish Clump, and to buy armor as you reveal extra of the Depths. They exist so that you can spend them, so don’t really feel dangerous about shopping for your self a Magic Rod.

When you don’t wish to enterprise into the Depths to make most exchanges, you can too discover a Bargainer Statue within the again nook of Robbie’s constructing in Lookout Touchdown. It presents a number of the identical wares as its brethren underground, however not the Magic Rod. Generally, you merely need to depend on the underground market.

When you’re having bother discovering extra Bargainer Statues underground, pay some Poe Souls to the statue in Lookout Touchdown. It’s going to level you in the correct route.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now accessible on Nintendo Change.

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