Methods 2: Secrets and Death, sequel to the popular visual novel, will release later this month

  • Part two of five carries forward the detective competition with chapters 21-42
  • New character Mellie introduced to the fray
  • Game will release on April 30th for $2.99

After releasing a thrilling first part in January, Erabit Studios as back for round two as Methods 2: Secrets and Death is announced. Jump once again into the intriguing world of crime investigation and mystery-solving, which started off with a bunch of detectives entering a heated competition. Get ready to put on your thinking hats to solve crimes again as Methods 2 releases in a few weeks.

In this second chapter of the Methods Visual Novel series, you’ll find yourself embroiled in a thrilling competition where one hundred detectives compete against each other to solve crimes devised by the world’s smartest criminals.

The stakes are high, with the winning detective walking away with one million dollars and the opportunity of a lifetime. But here’s the twist: if a criminal emerges victorious, they too will receive a million dollars and parole, regardless of the severity of their crimes.

As the story unfolds, you’ll be introduced to Mellie, an excellent spy tasked with infiltrating the group of detectives and impeding their investigation. Can Mellie stop T.A.D.S before they uncover the identity of the elusive Game Master? All will be revealed in chapters 21-42 of Methods 2.

Haven’t tried out the first part yet? Jack’s review of Methods: Detective Competition should give you a feel of what the game’s like!

Speaking of chapters, the visual adventure features more than 25 interactive crime scenes spread over 20 chapters. You must examine the evidence and then answer multiple-choice questions about the solution. The second part isn’t the end either, as the game has been split in five pieces. That means another three titles are still on their way.

Methods 2: Secrets and Death will be released on the App Store and Google Play on April 30th. It is a premium title costing $2.99 or your regional equivalent. Visit the official website for more information and to stay updated on all the latest developments.