Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure is taking the titular character skiing in the latest update

It’s Christmas time everywhere, including Wonderland. Jolly and cheer are spread all around and the entire region has been covered by a blanket of snow. It’s the best time to go skiing, and little Ally from Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure has been looking forward to doing it for a very long now. Finally, she’s going to get the chance as the Queen of Hearts has taken it upon herself to take the girl skiing.

Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure’s latest update is focused on little Ally going skiing with the Queen of Hearts. Prior to this, Alice had neither worn a proper suit before nor had she ever gone skiing. It was pretty tricky to get her into the ski suit, and although she didn’t want it, it was important as the coat was the only thing keeping Ally warm.

Once Alice donned her adorable Pink Ski Suit, the Queen of Hearts took her to the track, where they would first begin with the basics. Of course, things couldn’t have been so easy as they encountered deep snow drifts blocking the entire track. Thus, the duo began shovelling all the snow away.

After clearing all the drifts, Ally could finally begin learning – and her first lesson was on slowing down and breaking. Unfortunately, she couldn’t control herself really well and rushed down the mountain, scaring the queen. She decided to take a step back and suggested they go to the Recreation Area.

Naturally, there was something unexpected waiting for them again. The ski lift was not working, forcing the two to wait until someone came and repaired it. Alice and the queen found a little house in the snow, where they lit a bonfire to keep themselves from freezing.

While skiing may not have gone as expected, little Ally seems to have had quite a thrilling adventure. Experience it for yourself by downloading Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure now for free.

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