Mattel announces new Thomas the Tank Engine game Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll

Build your own railroad tracks and explore the island of Sodor.

  • Build your own railroad tracks and explore Sodor.
  • Experience a tranquil nightly ride to Tidmouth Sheds.
  • The game was created with guidance from neurodiversity consultants.

Mattel has announced its upcoming educational mobile game Thomas the Tank engine game, Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll. Created in partnership with StoryToys, Thomas and Friends: Let’s Roll lets you go on an engaging adventure with Thomas and his many friends.

Upon entering the game, you’ll choose from a variety of characters such as Thomas and Bruno. Then, you’ll enter Creator Mode, where you’ll design your own railroad tracks around obstacles like ponds, rocks, and tunnels. After creating your tracks, you can watch your character travel along them. Each train has different animations and reactions for you to enjoy as they chug along.

You’ll journey across the island of Sodor as you discover a variety of fun and familiar locations. You’ll also come across tons of engaging challenges as you explore the island. Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll also promises to offer endless hours of creative fun. Play with your favourite Thomas & Friends characters as you build your way across the island of Sodor.

Once you’ve finished the activities available at your chosen destination, you can enjoy a calming nighttime trip to Tidmouth Sheds. As you ride the rails, you come across tranquil scenes such as slumbering animals. These scenes are meant to help children understand it’s time to relax and go to bed by reinforcing a daily routine.

StoryToys and Mattel designed the game under guidance from neurodiversity consultants. The game is scheduled to launch during Autism Awareness Month in April. To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, Bruno the Brake Car, the first Thomas & Friends character with autism, will be available for free upon the game’s launch.

You can pre-register for Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll via the App Store and Google Play. For more information and to stay up to date with all the latest Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll news, visit StoryToys’ website.