Massive Wolverine leaks include gameplay, story spoilers and release window

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December has been a month full of huge leaks for the video games industry. Plenty of unofficial details about Suicide Squad have been released, and now the same has happened to Wolverine. These Wolverine leaks include lengthy gameplay, a release window, and significant story spoilers. It’s not coming out soon judging by leaked plans, but it is a massive project fans are hugely anticipating.

As mentioned, there have been leaks for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. Shared images and audio have resulted in fans screaming online about unannounced villains and plot developments, and Rocksteady has even shared a statement on Twitter expressing their disappointment and cautioning players to avoid the leaks. As for Insomniac, a roadmap of unannounced games up to 2035 has leaked revealing a Venom game as well as a huge new Marvel IP that should have fans really excited.

While the leaked roadmap gives an insight into Insomniac Games’ far future, leaks for Wolverine reveal way too much about the upcoming PS5 exclusive.

Wolverine leaks include gameplay and story spoilers

A slew of Wolverine leaks have spread like wildfire online. They include early gameplay footage that is nowhere near complete, as well as footage of animations and cutscenes. In addition, they also include a full plot and cast.

We will not share or embed the leaks here, but they are all over the internet on forums such as Reddit. As for where the leaks stem from, they come from the ransomware group, Rhysidia. A Rhysdia Spokesperson provided the following statement to Cyberdaily:

“Yes, we knew who we were attacking,” a Rhysida spokesperson told Cyberdaily via email. “We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target. We were able to get the domain administrator within 20–25 minutes of hacking the network.”

As of 11:00 GMT on December 19th, Sony has not provided an official response to Cyberdaily. Rhysidia said the motive for the hack was solely money.

Wolverine release window

In addition to gameplay and story spoilers, the leaked material shares that the planned release window for Wolverine is Fall 2026. This suggests it will come out between October to December which isn’t too surprising as it’s happened with the Marvel’s Spider-Man games.

Many fans would have been hoping for it to arrive in at least 2025 let alone 2024, but it seems we are still years away from getting to play as the rugged X-Man. It is a PS5 exclusive, but there is always the possibility it will join PC in the far-off future similar to other PlayStation exclusives such as Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.

While we won’t get to play the game for many years, there are still lots of exciting upcoming games for 2024. Not only that, but there is also GTA 6 coming out in 2025.