Massive Roblox game Anime Adventures just got shut down in alleged DMCA hit

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In a surprise takedown, Anime Adventures has been shut down along with two other titles, Anime Fighting Simulator X and Anime Fighting Simulator. Read on to learn more about why these popular titles have been taken down and when you can expect to play them again.

A post from Gomu on X announces that Anime Adventures has been shut down. Image via X (formerly Twitter).

Why was Anime Adventures shut down

In an official post from Gomu on X (formerly Twitter), the creators note that ‘the game has been shut down recently’ and that ‘this is to prevent Anime Adventures from being deleted.’ They also note the reason for the takedown: content related to My Hero Academia. Some developers took to X (formerly Twitter) to warn other Roblox creators about using MHA assets. Reassuringly, it appears that the game will return after some changes.

The controversy arose when Roblox publisher Gamefam Studios’ official My Hero Academia game showed up ahead of other relevant games despite poor ratings and a small player count. Anime Adventures received over 1.9 billion visits, which is massive even by Roblox standards. For context, the official My Hero Academia: Battleground currently sits at 11 active players. While there’s only been speculation so far, there’s no solid evidence presented by any creator that supports the claim of a takedown notice. The official response mentions the reason but doesn’t confirm legal action of any sort.

Will Anime Adventures come back online

The creators behind the popular Roblox experience have confirmed that the game will return at some point. There’s a good chance that removing MHA assets could get them back online. But it remains to be seen if the response is indeed due to a DMCA battle. And there’s no telling if other anime-inspired titles will go through similar scrutiny.

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