September 28, 2023

Hands-on impressions have gone live for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, providing new details like the game’s frame rate settings and always-on ray tracing. There’s also some sweet new gameplay, as seen in the preview below by Game Riot. It starts with Peter Parker in the Symbiote suit battling Kraven’s Hunters, showcasing several abilities.

Miles Morales is shown in a different section, with players able to switch between the two at almost any time. We see his Venom Blast powers as he juggles and takes down several enemies. Other activities like random crimes, using the Web Wings to chase a drone and a museum infiltration, which requires using a small spider-bot to sneak in, are also revealed.

The highlight is Peter’s fight against the Lizard. Along with utilizing different Symbiote abilities, players can use the Heavy Parry for some undodgeable attacks. It’s not long before Lizard escapes, resulting in a high-speed chase through Manhattan, which comes to a close when Kraven gets involved.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out on October 20th for PS5. Check out some more gameplay of the open world here.

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