Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Has Sold 6.1 Million Units as of November 12, as Per Leaked Documents

The recent Insomniac ransomware leak has been an eye-wateringly large scale one, revealing details on a number of upcoming titles planned for the next decade or so – from Spider-Man games and an X-Men series to a new Ratchet and Clank instalment and a new IP – as well as undisclosed sales figures for previously-released titles like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Alongside that, much more recent sales figures for Insomniac’s latest release have also emerged.

As shared by a user on ResetEra, a slide from a leaked internal slide reveals that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has sold 6.1 million units worldwide as of November 12, which was a little over three weeks after the game’s release. As of October 31, the game was officially confirmed to have sold 5 million units worldwide, so it has kept up an impressive pace with its sales in the immediate aftermath of its launch.

It also emerged from the Insomniac leak that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had a total budget of $315 million, and that the game needed to sell 5.5 million units to break even, which means, based on the aforementioned leaked sales figures, it has already started turning a profit for Sony.

In our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we awarded it a score of 9/10, saying, “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is exactly the sort of sequel you’d want it to be, and though it stumbles here and there, ultimately, it improves on its predecessors in almost every way that matters most.” Read the full review through here.