Marvel’s Blade by Arkane Lyon Gets First Concept Images Showing the Daywalker in Action

Today Arkane Lyon posted three rather interesting pieces of concept art of the recently announced action-adeventure game Marvel’s Blade.

The images were posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Art/Co-creative director Sebastien Mitton and designed by concept artist Sergey Kolesov and Lead Concept Artist and Art Director Assistant Jean-Luc Monnet.

In all images, we get to see the Daywalker in action in an embattled Paris, including familiar elements like the architecturally recognizable rooftop with the Tour Eiffel in the background, an alley, and the subway.

Interestingly, the city seems to be rather affected by arcane forces, including floating debris (and a whole broken skyscraper) and more. It’s certainly an interesting playground for what has been defined as a “mature, single-player, third-person action-adventure game.”

It isn’t very surprising that we get to see concept art and not screenshots, as the game, which has been recently announced at The Game Awards, has been described as in early development, with work that “has just begun.”

Marvel's Blade - Concept Art Showing Blade in Action in a Backstreet

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Arkane Lyon, which is hiring for the game across several positions, will manage to do with this IP, considering its excellent past work on Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and Deathloop.

For now, these are the only hints we get, and it’s interesting to take a look at the mood they set. Being concept art, we don’t know how representative they are of the final visuals. 

Marvel's Blade - Concept Art Showing Blade in Action in the Subway

In the meantime, fans of the Daywalker will have to content themselves with turn-based tactics, as the Daywalker is heavily featured in Firaxis’ Marvel’s Midnight Sun. To be fair, it’s an excellent game that everyone should play.  

Incidentally, if you’d like to know more about The Game Awards themselves, you read how developers who won awards were rushed during their acceptance speeches by a teleprompter telling them to “wrap it up” after just 30 seconds. I suppose they were lucky since many winners didn’t get a chance to speak at all.