Marvel Snap’s Blob brings the pain to the Hellfire Gala

The first new spotlight cache card of the Hellfire Gala season in Second Dinner’s superhero CCG is nearly here, with Marvel Snap’s Blob ready to make a meal of the current meta. While this antagonist might not look as threatening as Destroyer of Knull, its powerful effect isn’t only a game changer, unleashing the full power of your deck in one fell swoop.

Arriving in Marvel Snap as a six-cost four-power card, the Blobs effect reads as “On Reveal: Merge your deck into this. (and gain its total power) Ongoing: Can’t be moved.” As a new series five card, you can either opt to spend 6,000 collector’s tokens on guaranteeing yourself a copy of this X-Men villain or take your chances picking it up via the spotlight cache system. Joining Blob in this week’s spotlight cache possibilities are Ravonna Renslayer and The Living Tribunal, as well as the mystery random series four or five card.

In terms of style of play, there are a few options for Blob. One of his best uses is as a Darkhawk counter, taking all of the cards out of your deck on the final turn and reducing Darkhawk to 0 power. There are some already popular Marvel Snap decks that Blob fits perfectly into, such as Shuri Red Skull builds, with the villain potentially picking up the power of Red Skull and Typhoid Mary without the negative effects, and Hela Discard decks also a possible option, with Blob picking up The Infinaut’s 20 power if the space giant is still in your deck on turn six.

There are some plays to watch out for with Blob, though. If you’re going first on the turn you play Blob, and your opponent has an idea you might be bringing him out, there’s a chance you might see the X-Men adversary Shang Chi’d into oblivion. There’s also the threat of Shadow King to deal with, with the fellow villain bringing all cards down to their original. Still, if you play your cards right, Blob looks to be a real cube-collecting machine with plenty of potential combinations and turn six surprises up his sleeve.

There you have it, all you need to know about the latest card joining the roster in Second Dinner’s digital CCG, Marvel Snap’s Blob. For more from this game, check out our guides to the best Marvel Snap cards and Marvel Snap bundles. Or, if you prefer board games to card games, see our Monopoly Go free dice and Monopoly Go stickers guides.