Marvel Snap: The Best Darkhawk Counters

The introduction of Blob in Marvel Snap has shifted the metagame unfavorably for Darkhawk. He is now vulnerable to a potent counter that is challenging to anticipate and counteract. This raises a crucial question: What are the effective counters to Darkhawk? Is the ultra-rare Blob from Series 5 the only option, or are there more budget-friendly neutralizers available in the game? The following guide gives you not one, not two, but five options to block Darkhawk.


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Sebastian Shaw is Hellfire Gala’s Season Pass card with an intriguing buff-oriented synergy; here’s how to build him a deadly deck in Marvel Snap.


blob card in marvel snap.

Since he merges with the entire deck, Blob is the perfect counter for Darkhawk. All Darkhawk feeders, including the rocks he has squeezed in there, will be gone when you play Blob. He absorbs their Power, leaving the deck empty. So, if Blob is on the board, Darkhawk is 100% guaranteed to become a 0-Power play.


  • Blob requires no prerequisite to counter Darkhawk (other than being in your hand).
  • Blob is a surprise turn-six counter, bringing in more Cubes.


  • If he doesn’t show up, you’re likely to lose Darkhawk’s lane.


image showing enchantress in marvel snap.

Hitting Darkhawk’s lane with Enchantress is a surefire counter. On reveal, she removes all the Ongoing abilities in her lane, leaving Darkhawk with his 0-Power base stat. However, note that Enchantress is a two-sided blade: Her effect will hit your cards as well.


  • Manageable RNG.
  • Targeted attack.



marvel snap shang-chi OP overpowered card

A buffed Darkhawk will likely have 10+ Power, which turns Shang-Chi into an inevitable counter. He destroys Darkhawk and other big cards in the lane with over ten Power. The catch is that your opponent can nullify Shang-Chi’s effect with Armor, if they read your counterstrategy.



  • He is susceptible to protection cards like Armor.


leech in marvel snap

Leech is a classic final-round counter for cards like Darkhawk. On turn six, Leech removes all abilities from your opponent’s hand. If they haven’t played Darkhawk yet, this will turn him into a useless 0-Power card. But,the delayed effect is also the downside of this counterplay: Leech will likely miss Darkhawk because he’s usually a turn-five drop.


  • Hits more than one enemy card.



image showing the echo card in marvel snap.

When Echo occupies a lane, Darkhawk cannot be played there. Echo’s passive ability automatically nullifies the Ongoing effect of any enemy card placed in her lane, thereby undoing Darkhawk’s buff. But note that Echo needs to be on the board before Darkhawk is deployed, as her effect triggers after each enemy card is revealed.


  • Targets more than one card.


  • Must predict Darkhawk’s lane.

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