Marvel Contest of Champions debuts new saga X-Magica with exclusive motion comic

  • Marvel Contest of Champions is debuting a new series of adventures dubbed “Sagas”
  • The first is X-Magica, which tasks players with uniting mutants and mystics against a new threat
  • You’ll have to take on both the god of Symbiotes, Knull, and crime-boss The Kingpin

Marvel Contest of Champions is set to debut a whole new series of adventures, called Sagas. The first of these, X-Magica, is live from March 6th to June 7th, and tasks you with uniting the mystics and mutants of The Battlerealm to defend the mutant nation of Krakoa from the symbiote god himself, Knull. But he’s not the only threat as crime boss The Kingpin is also launching his own assault intent on stealing the secrets of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

X-Magica was also teased with an exclusive motion comic, which you can see below. Not only that, but the recently released update V43.1 also adds a whole host of new adventures and challenges. Whether that’s facing down Cul Borson – the Serpent – or recruiting him and the ancient Asgardian super-weapon, the Destroyer, to your side. It’s already looking like a stacked 2024 for Marvel Contest of Champions.

Blue and weird

One of the big benefits of games like Marvel Contest of Champions is the fact that, since they are not ultimately tied to comics or synergising with the films, they’re able to do sometimes bizarre and exciting things. Combining the mutant and mystics cast, with characters like Dr Strange and Cyclops, while pitting them against fan-favourites such as The Kingpin or Knull (I’m sure someone likes him), may not fit currently airing or printed storylines, but it does sound really fun.

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