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Collected a bunch of memory cards but not quite sure if they’re good? That’s where this Love and Deepspace tier list comes in! Every obtainable memory card in the game so far has been ranked from best to worst – including the lower rarity ones.

Love and Deepspace is a first-person Otome game that features lifelike 3D graphics, allowing for a fun and realistic dating sim experience. While you can go on sickeningly cute dates, it’s not all fun and games. You’re all destined to fight against dangerous aliens that threaten the peace of humanity – it is a sci-fi ARPG, after all! Still, it’s the time between each battle that grants you the opportunity to get to know each of them more and more.

For more information about Love and Deepspace, you can visit the game’s official website. Don’t forget to take a look at our Love and Deepspace Characters guide and our Love and Deepspace Codes guide too! Fan of dating sims? We’ve got a What in Hell is Bad Tier List.

Love and Deepspace Tier List

Please remember that all tier lists are subjective! Our rankings are determined by our own experience in a game and by researching the general consensus of the player base to ensure that our rankings are as correct as can be. When new memory cards are added to the game, I’ll be sure to add them to this tier list!

  • The game is currently in a CBT state, with the full release planned for February 2024. This means that I can’t rank any of the memory cards just yet, but I’ll make sure to do my research in case any more information is released! When the game officially launches globally, this tier list will be fully fleshed out with every available memory card.

S Tier

The strongest memory cards in Love and Deepspace! If you’ve got one of these, make sure to use them.

  • Nothing to see here yet! Check back soon

A Tier

Fantastic memory cards that are well worth using! A little weaker than those in S-tier, but it’s nothing too noticeable.

  • Oops, we don’t seem to have anything in A-tier yet…

B Tier

The art might look great on these cards, but sadly, they’re usefulness is pretty average!

  • This is where the average memory cards will go… eventually!

C Tier

Weak memory cards – they’re only good to look at…

  • Weak memory cards, but at least the art on them is cute

D Tier

The worst memory cards in Love and Deepspace (sorry).

  • It pains me to say this, but these cards are terrible, despite the adorable art…