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Becoming a Love and Deepspace Galaxy Explorer? As a Deepspace Hunter, you’ll be needing some extra resources for a productive mission. Find out what the Galaxy Explorer feature is and how it works in this guide!

Love and Deepspace is a first-person Otome game that features lifelike 3D graphics, allowing for a fun and realistic dating sim experience. While you can go on sickeningly cute dates, it’s not all fun and games. You’re all destined to fight against dangerous aliens that threaten the peace of humanity – it is a sci-fi ARPG, after all! Still, it’s the time between each battle that grants you the opportunity to get to know each of them more and more.

Visit the game’s official website to learn more about Love and Deepspace! Have a read of our Love and Deepspace Memories guide before you head off.

Love and Deepspace Galaxy Explorer

Galaxy Explorer is a feature in Love and Deepspace that grants you free rewards! It can be found within the Wish screen in the top right corner. There are 2 types of galaxies to explore: Radiant Galaxy and Silver Galaxy.

Both take 8 hours to complete and setting them up is fairly easy! All you need to do is move the Signal Wheels to a random number on each side – keep in mind that the numbers you choose don’t matter. You can speed up the process by using Speedup Cubes which you obtain by doing your daily tasks.

Radiant Galaxy

This galaxy is a little more rarer than Silver, purely because you won’t get as many Radiant Magnets as you do Silver Magnets. The only way to get Radiant Magnets is by completing your weekly tasks and by spending Chocolate in the Chocolate Shop. 1 Radiant Magnet costs 100 Chocolate and you’re only limited to purchasing 2 per week!

Radiant Galaxy offers you the chance to obtain a 4-star Memory, 5-star Memory, or 4-star/5-star Memory Shards – a 4-star is the minimum rarity, so there are no chances of a 3-star here! The drop rates are as follows:

  • 5-star Memory – 0.1%
  • 4-star Memory – 10%
  • 4-star Shard x10 – 70%
  • 4-star Shard x20 – 15%
  • 5-star Shard x10 – 4.5%
  • 5-star Shard x20 – 0.4%

Silver Galaxy

Silver Galaxy works the same as Radiant Galaxy when it comes to the mechanics, but the rewards vary slightly. For instance, Silver Galaxy will never reward you with a 5-star Memory or 5-star Shards. You can only obtain a 3-star Memory, 4-star Memory, or 4-star Shards. We have a Love and Deepspace Silver Galaxy guide that details this feature in a little more depth!