Lost Ark Reveals New Breaker Class, New Continent Kurzan, Kazeros Raid, and More

Today Smilegate and Tripod Studio hosted their Lost Ark 2023 Winter Showcase, showcasing upcoming content for the popular MMORPG.

It’s worth mentioning that all the dates mentioned here are for the Korean servers. The Western localization of the game, handled by Amazon Games, has its own release schedule, so it’ll take some time for the content to make the jump over to the West.

The developers had several new elements to showcase during the livestreamed show, starting with a new class, the Breaker. which will launch in Korea on December 20. 

The Breaker is a frontal attack class fighting with fists. It can cancel auto attacks and it’s said by the developers to have a high skill ceiling, dedicated to players confident with the controls and good at moving around. 

You can see the class in action below.

We also get to take a look at the third awakening, or Hyper Awakening, as the developers call it, since it brings a lot of powerful changes. It includes new skills and very flashy visuals.

You can check out what they look like in the trailer. This is coming next summer.

Moving on to locations, we take a look at the new continent Kurzan, where the story involving Kazeros will find its climax. It’s coming to the Korean servers in January. 

It’s a war-torn area, and definitely looks the part, as you can see in the trailer.

Of course, the introduction of Kurzan also brings the Kazeros Raid. This is actually a new type of endgame content and it’s not just one raid, but multiple. Players will get to fight across multiple regions while also enjoying the story. 

We see the return of the commander of the Covetous Legion, Echidna (who has been renamed “Ladon” in the Western version, for some unfathomable reason). She’s very challenging and you can see her in action in the trailer.

Lost Ark is currently available for PC. Before Amazon Games brought it westward, it was launched in South Korea in 2019 by Smilegate. 

Incidentally, speaking of Amazon Games, the company is currently working on bringing NCSoft’s Throne and Liberty (formerly Lineage Eternal) and Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol to the Western markets.