Loot River Now Available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox news

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Get ready for a wild ride with Loot River, the new island-shifting action-roguelike. Imagine cruising down a supernatural river, hunting for treasures and secrets. Loot River brings you a mash-up of intense, real-time combat and dark, eerie vibes reminiscent of Dark Souls, spiced up with the brain-teasing tile puzzles you’d find in Tetris.

With a custom level editor and the ability to share, browse, download, and play community-made levels in-game, all powered by mod.io, the content will keep flowing for a long time. And, that content is available cross-platform on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC!

This isn’t your average dungeon crawler. With the power of the Relic, you’re not just fighting monsters; you’re manipulating the very ground you walk on, sliding ancient ruins around like puzzle pieces. As you delve deeper into these never-ending catacombs, you’ll face off against fierce creatures, encounter lost wanderers, and battle formidable bosses. These mystical caverns are brimming with cool new weapons, gear, and forbidden knowledge, all ripe for the taking, offering you the chance to power up permanently.

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Caught in a twisted tale, wandering nomads are lured by the fragments of a sinister relic. Trapped in an endless cycle of life and death, they lose their minds, wandering through infinite parallel worlds. It’s survival of the fittest, where devouring your fellow travellers is the key to absorbing their wisdom. No two trips down the Loot River are the same, with a myriad of lost souls drifting in its depths.

Pick up Loot River today on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam!