Local shaman allegedly vandalizes Boogie2988’s house over MTG cards

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YouTuber Boogie2988’s house has allegedly been vandalised by a local Shaman, and a Magic: The Gathering card collection lies at the centre of the controversy. The words “phedphilf” and “thief” were spray-painted across the victim’s property, while his car was also defaced.

Premiering in late October of last year, The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988 was released. It documented Steven Jason William’s (Boogie’s) struggles with health problems, debt, and social issues. One of the most touching themes in the documentary is how financial issues have forced the content creator to part with prized Magic: The Gathering cards simply to make ends meet.

“So selling off these things kind of sucks, because I’ve been playing Magic for 30 years and some of the cards in this box I opened them in ’94 … they’re a piece of my childhood … I thought I was gonna be buried with this stuff.”

The documentary culminates in Boogie attempting experimental psychedelic treatment “to help reset certain brains.” His shaman, Ryan Arthur DiLiello otherwise known as Flaming Star, treats Boogie with psilocybin while telling him “your hands are like USB ports.”

On February 29th, Boogie tweeted out “Oh my god. The ‘medicine man’ who I worked with in the documentary came to my house and spray painted ‘theif’ on my house as well as ‘pedophile’. Holy s***.”

Boogie then tweeted about a “local card store owner who got [his] Magic cards back after Ryan said he was keeping them with zero compensation to me.” Following that, Steven Williams also posted his short version of events:

A black screen displaying a picture of a man and woman, allegedly vandalized by a local Magic: the Gathering shaman.

According to Boogie, Flaming Star was going to buy his MTG cards from him. He’d taken them to be catalogued, before the local card store owner prevented the shaman from keeping them. In turn, Boogie was then accused that “he stole from him somehow.” The sum of damages alleged on Boogie is $10,000, alongside his entire Magic collection.

A black screen with an alleged message on it.

Later posted on Flaming Star’s Facebook page, the Shaman posted a cryptic message about the card shop owner (Glenn Whitman) and Boogie. This was followed by a notice stating the following:

“To the citizens that belong to the city of Fayetteville and live within its boundaries. I wanted to let you know it’s perfectly legal to steal money from anybody,” a tongue-in-cheek message hinting that Flaming Star believed he was wronged.

Boogie’s MTG collection is presumably worth a considerable amount – both financially and emotionally. It can hardly be worth vandalizing a man’s home, though.