LinkedIn Adding Gaming For Users; Companies May Be Able To Compete

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform Microsoft owns, is getting into gaming. Recent reports reveal that LinkedIn is working on a set of in-app games to increase user engagement and interaction. These games will primarily center on puzzles, taking cues from the popular Wordle game.

LinkedIn’s official statement (Thanks, TechCrunch) emphasizes that the company aims to create a more enjoyable experience, strengthen relationships within the platform, and spark meaningful conversations. No specific launch date has been announced, but the project is reportedly well underway.

“We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations. Stay tuned for more!”

Spokesperson to TechCrunch

One interesting part of LinkedIn’s gaming plan is the possibility of company-wide competition. According to a tweet with images, LinkedIn seems to be considering a setup where employees’ game scores add up to an overall company ranking. This could bring a fun, competitive aspect to the games, promoting a feeling of camaraderie and team spirit in workplaces.

It’s uncertain if Microsoft’s considerable gaming experience directly influences LinkedIn’s new endeavor. Microsoft is the parent company of many gaming development studios and publishers, so it may be. This kind of thing would also be fun to have, as LinkedIn is pretty basic. It feels like Indeed with a mix of Facebook.

LinkedIn’s decision to add games could signal a shift in how the platform is perceived. While its core functions will likely remain the same, introducing gaming elements may attract a wider range of users seeking a more casual and social experience alongside their professional networking.