Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Amongst the countless substories Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers you, there are a few that are to other substories or have multiple parts. Completing one of the parts will unlock the next one and grant you a fitting reward. Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around is the second of the three-part Lifeguard substories. Completing it automatically unlocks the third substory at the same location. The Beach Guardian substories show Ichiban how important the role of a lifeguard is on the beach, and Ichiban tries to provide any help he can.


The Unwritten Rules of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Explained

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is easily the biggest game in the Yakuza series to date, and there are several unwritten rules for players to abide by.

Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around Walkthrough

Beach Guardian; No Kidding Around in Infinite Wealth

Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around is a Substory that is located below the Aloha Beachfront Taxi Stand on Aloha Beach near the Lifeguard Station. To unlock this Substory in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you have to complete Substory 16, which starts in the sea next to the beach after you have swum quite a lot. After Ichiban notices Raymond arguing with some Thugs, he pitches in to help for the day. Your job this time around will be to locate lost kids.

Where To Find Emmy

Emmy's Mother in Infinite Wealth

Emmy‘s mother will approach Raymond, telling him that her daughter is lost and she needs help finding her. She will describe her daughter wearing a red swimsuit and a straw hat with a blue ribbon. Once you are able to act again, your task will be to find her on the beach. Go past Emmy’s mother and keep going straight. As you approach the trees, make your way left, and you can find Emmy standing under the shade of a tree.

She will explain that she was trying to chase a hermit crab and forgot about her mother. You will unite her back with her mother, and the substory will continue.


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Where to Find Billy

Billy's Mother in Infinite Wealth

Another person will approach you, saying that her son is also missing. She will tell you that his name is Billy and he is wearing white swimwear with an orange baseball cap. Once you can walk, go past the kid’s mother and keep going straight. After running for a little while, you will find Billy playing with the sand near one of the blue and yellow umbrellas. Interact with him, and you will be able to bring him back to his mother.

After successfully finding both of the lost kids, the Substory will end, and Raymond will give you the Heartful Golem. This item can be used to increase Ichiban’s Kindness personality Stat.

Heartful Golem in Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

January 26, 2024

How Long To Beat
60 Hours