Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has multiple trophies tied to substories, making it important to complete them. The diversity of substories makes it easy for players to undertake them. Some of the substories require players to collect items, while in others they have to fight multiple enemies.

Surviving Paradise is substory 52 in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This makes it the last substory in the game and the one that requires the most work. Here is how players can complete substory 52 in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How To Get Idol’s Microphone

The Idol’s Microphone is required to create an absurdly strong weapon. Here is how Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth players can find it.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Surviving Paradise Walkthrough

To start this substory, players need to meet several requirements. Surviving Paradise requires players to complete five specific substories. These are:

  • Certifiable Lover (Substory 47)
  • The Ultimate Alo-Happy (Substory 48)
  • She Never Misses (Substory 49)
  • Together, Forever (Substory 50)
  • Experimental Procedures (Substory 51)

Almost all five of these substories are linked to minigames, and they need to be completed before players can progress to the next step.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Surviving Paradise Walkthrough

The Certifiable Lover substory requires players to first finish all Ounabara exams. Then they must give Maeda the ABC Store Gift Set, Hawaiian Cosmetics, Hibiscus Bouquet, and Plumeria Bouquet.

For the Ultimate Alo-Happy substory, you need to complete all the activities at Alo-Happy Tours. Next, you must find and give Elizabeth the following items: Matsumoto Shave Ice, Tobacco Assortment, and Postcard Assortment.

For the She Never Misses substory, players need to complete all Miss Match dates. Then they need to go to Machiko and hand over the ALOHABEER set, Assorted Dim Sum, and Tobacco Assortment.

In the Together Forever substory, players need to hit the silver rank in Poundmates. You will have to approach Chitose and give her a Hibiscus Bouquet, Matsumoto Shave Ice, and Hawaiian Cosmetics.

Finally, in Experimental Procedures, players need to invest in Julie’s Gearworks and help the facility reach the maximum rank. Then talk to Julie and bring her the following gifts: Hibiscus Bouquet, Plumeria Bouquet, and Hawaiian Cosmetics.

To start substory 52, head to Revolve and talk to the bartender. As things progress, Kasuga receives a message on his phone. Then, to defend himself, Kasuga has to make a decision quickly. All three choices have the same outcome, so players can choose any option that they like. This is followed by more cutscenes. At the very end, Kasuga will learn that the message was an ad. As the substory ends, Kasuga’s defense stat will be permanently boosted.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

January 26, 2024