Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers a nearly overwhelming array of items that players can acquire by collecting sparkling nodes throughout their journey. Additionally, the game features locked safes and containers that players can discover, containing helpful and often unique items. These containers are located at specific spots in Honolulu, Yokohama, and Kamurocho, and can also be found in the game’s dungeons.

When players come across a safe they cannot open due to a shortage of keys, be sure to interact with the safe anyway. This interaction reveals that they lack the necessary keys, and a colored icon for the safe will be placed on the map at its location. This icon allows players to easily return and access the contents once they have acquired the required Safe Keys.


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Of course, to avoid this situation altogether, players will want to make sure they have a healthy supply of Safe Keys on hand. Here’s where players can find Safe Keys in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

What Are Safe Keys Used For?

Encountering a locked safe in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Safe Keys are essential for unlocking the locked safes and containers encountered throughout the game. These safes can be traditional locked safes, or storage containers with flip-top lids. They are often hidden, located in hard-to-reach areas, or guarded by challenging enemies.

There are two types of safes: silver, which require one Safe Key to unlock; and gold, which require three Safe Keys. Gold safes contain higher quality items, including useful gear and stat-boosting drinks. Early on, players might want to save their Safe Keys for gold safes to maximize their rewards.

How To Find Safe Keys

Safe Keys can be obtained through several methods in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth:

Defeat Challenging Enemies

Obtaining Safe Keys as a drop in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Challenging enemies are a primary source of Safe Keys. Players should look for Keepers of the City, marked by a crown symbol over the head of one of the enemies in the pack. These foes are tougher but drop better items, including exclusive job weapons, and often present Kasuga with the opportunity to befriend rare Sujimon companions. They also have a high likelihood of dropping Safe Keys. Additionally, enemies within dungeons have a higher chance of dropping Safe Keys, with the gold crown enemies found in these locations offering a guaranteed drop.

Purchase From Stores & Exchanges

Purchasing Safe Keys from a Pawn shop in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Pawn shops in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offer a limited supply of Safe Keys for purchase. Each shop has 5 Safe Keys available, and once bought, they do not restock.

Additionally, players have the option to exchange dungeon-specific currencies, such as Robo Disks and Geomijul’s Survey Data, for Safe Keys at the corresponding dungeons. Both dungeon’s exchange vendors have an unlimited supply of Safe Keys available for purchase. Here is a full list of these locations and the cost per Safe Key:



Quantity Available

Treasure Select Pawn (Anaconda)



Treasure Select Pawn (Chinatown)



Treasure Select Pawn (Hula Ave.)



Treasure Select Pawn (River St.)



Ebisu Pawn (Yokohama)



Ebisu Pawn (Kamurocho)



Benten Pawn (Yokohama)



Hawaiian Haunt Exchange (Honolulu)

1,000 Robo Disks


Yokohama Exchange (Yokohama)

1,000 Geomijul Survey Data



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Collect Sparkling Items

Safe Keys can occasionally be found by collecting sparkling items across the game’s world, especially in story locations, and the Hawaiian Haunt and Yokohama Underground dungeons. These dungeons are particularly rich sources of Safe Keys, both as collectibles and enemy drops. Players can revisit these dungeons to gather more keys and will also find numerous silver safes to unlock.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

January 26, 2024

M For Mature 17+ Due To Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language

How Long To Beat
60 Hours


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