Light of Thel: New Era codes (April 2024)

Light of Thel: New Era is a beautiful Japanese anime-style exploration MMORPG where you are set on an open-world adventure filled with spirits and pets and take on battles against monsters. If you are an avid player looking for the latest Light of Thel codes, you have landed on the right page.

In this guide, we’ll share a list of active Light of Thel codes that you can use to get in-game freebies, such as a Sprite box, Sprite Puff, Silver bag, Treasure Map, Energy Drink, Soul Stones, and much more. We’ll also regularly update our list of codes as and when new codes are released, so you never miss out on freebies.

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Active codes for Light of Thel

  • 7f3262c0 – Sprite Box (Bind)*10, Sprite Puff*10 and 100,000 Silver Bag*1 (Valid till April 17)
  • OPEN0518
  • DAY505
  • DAY404
  • DAY303
  • DAY202
  • DAY101

Expired codes

  • 02d9a598 – Unidentified Treasure Map (S) (Bind) *10, Unidentified Treasure Map (M) (Bind) *1 and 100,000 Silver Bag*1 (Valid till April 10)
  • aa90b158 – Energy Drink*2, Bait*50 and 100,000 Silver Bag*1 (Valid till April 3)
  • 031407ca – Mercenary Contract (Bind)*2, Rare Soul Stone*10 and 100,000 Silver Bag*1 (Valid until March 27)
  • 101a824a
  • 0855f404
  • 69455628
  • lovegift
  • b8fbb5c1
  • b5e883e7
  • 75df25bd
  • a7bdb0e5
  • Christmas
  • 383f05cf
  • 0995167e
  • 9dd9a0ce
  • bf6cf130
  • 76ba570d
  • 4afcee0e
  • 8a632ae3
  • df02e9a1
  • HalfAnniv
  • d1899a59
  • 4975e4bb
  • 8fbf877c
  • Element
  • Halloween
  • 3aec0349
  • 4ff161f4
  • a15ac1c8
  • 3ccf9472
  • Puzzle
  • 4bd5b7ab
  • MoonFes
  • 6c8b3c36
  • 100Day
  • eb545bd7
  • b6fe16e6
  • 48e33130
  • 4d1beecb
  • Xmas
  • Chryseis
  • 5e404196
  • f033b89d
  • 18d09a93
  • FBgift2
  • 100thDay
  • a87385e1
  • 9168ae86
  • f88a5b62
  • ICEx6
  • 70d430f8
  • 080ab6a3
  • e59a9a07
  • LoTNo1
  • chosen1
  • OPEN0518
  • aad7717e
  • 18d09a93
  • KOBoss
  • FBgift4
  • FBgift3

Redemption steps for Light of Thel: New Era codes

Follow these steps to redeem Light of Thel New Era codes:

  • Launch Light of Thel: New Era on your device
  • Click on the avatar image at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the exchange button next to Gift packs.
  • Copy and paste any of the active Light of Thel: New Era codes (CDK exchange number) from our list above into the text box.
  • Click on the exchange button to get your freebies.

If you are getting an error, make sure you are entering the correct code. It’s best to copy and paste the Light of Thel: New Era codes directly from our website into the redemption box to avoid any errors. It’s also possible that the code might have expired, so match it against our expired codes to see if that’s the case.

How to get more codes?

Want more codes? The developer releases new Light of Thel: New Era codes weekly through the game’s official Facebook Page, so you can keep an eye out there. However, it’s best to bookmark this page and come back later to find new codes.