Light Cone, Relics, and Trace priority

Acheron is finally here in Honkai Star Rail and this deadly Nihlity character can deal devastating damage with the right build and team composition. She has a unique playstyle and a strange Ultimate mechanic, so you’ll need the right setup to get the most out of Acheron.

Best Honkai Star Rail Acheron Build

Since Acheron’s kit is so unique, she has a very distinct playstyle that requires very specific team compositions and builds to succeed. Even though she’s a Nihiliy unit, she functions as a straightforward DPS. The Nihility aspect comes into play with other allies’ debuffs, which make Acheron’s attacks stronger and bring her closer to unleashing her Ultimate.

As such, the best Acheron build boosts her stats as if she were a DPS character. CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG are key here, and you can’t go wrong with ATK stats either. Acheron is really easy to build as long as you bring the right units to support her.

Best Light Cone for Acheron

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Acheron’s best Light Cone is obviously her 5-Star signature “Along the Passing Shore,” which grants a baseline 36% increase to CRIT DMG and inflicts a debuff called Mirage Fizzle on enemies when they’re attacked. Mirage Fizzle causes them to take 24% more damage from Acheron and her Ultimate damage is additionally increased by 24%. Another 5-Star Nihility Light Cone alternative is “In the Name of the World,” which increases damage dealt to debuffed enemies by 24% and boosts Acheron’s ATK by 24% after she uses her Skill.

Honkai Star Rail Good Night And Sleep Well Light Cone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you need a 4-Star Light Cone for Acheron, then “Good Night and Sleep Well” is a great choice. This increases damage dealt to debuffed enemies by 15% for every debuff they have with a maximum of three stacks. It has a boosted drop rate on Acheron’s Light Cone banner, so you can get it as a consolation prize if you’re shooting for her signature.

Best Acheron Relics

The overall best Relic set for Acheron is Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters, which increases damage dealt to debuffed enemies by 12% with its two-piece bonus and increases CRIT Rate by 4% and CRIT DMG by 8%/12% against enemies with 2/3 debuffs with its four-piece bonus.

Honkai Star Rail Pioneer Diver Of Dead Waters Relic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Another solid choice is Prisoner in Deep Confinement, which increases ATK by 12% and ignores 6% of an enemy’s DEF for every DoT effect they’re inflicted with (maximum of three) for its two-piece and four-piece bonuses. If you’re using Acheron with units like Serval and Kafka, this is perfect for her. Lastly, there’s also Band of Sizzling Thunder if you just want to increase Acheron’s Lightning DMG and ATK.

When it comes to Planar Ornaments, there’s no better pair for Acheron than the new Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm obtained from World Nine of the Simulated Universe. This increases Acheron’s ATK by 12% and boosts her CRIT Rate by 12% if another Nihility unit is on the field. Since Acheron relies heavily on allies debuffing enemies, you’re definitely going to have other Nihility characters on the field with her no matter what.

Acheron Stat Priority

Here are the main stats that you should be looking for with Acheron.

  • Body: CRIT Rate
  • Feet: ATK%
  • Sphere: Lightning DMG
  • Rope: ATK%

Again, even though Acheron is a Nihility character, you should build her like a standard DPS since her allies will be the ones doing the debuffing. You can focus on either CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG on her Body piece depending on your other substat rolls, but both stats should ideally be high for Acheron to perform at her peak.

Speaking of substats, you should look for the usual DPS things on Acheron’s Relics. ATK%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and SPD are great things to get for Acheron. Remember that anything with Energy Regeneration Rate is going to be useless since Acheron gets her Ultimate via stacks of Slashed Dream.

Acheron Trace Priority

Acheron’s viability revolves around her Ultimate ability, so that’s the main thing you want to level up first. Upgrade her Ultimate Trace first, followed by her Talent, her Skill, and then her Basic Attack. Since Acheron’s Basic Attack is basically useless in the grand scheme of things, save your materials and ignore it until her other Traces are at level seven or eight.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Traces
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Make sure you unlock the other Traces for Acheron as they become available, too. She gets huge boosts to ATK and CRIT DMG from her Traces, and her bonus abilities are incredibly useful. She can start a battle with stacks of Slashed Dream and Crimson Knot, she can receive even more damage buffs from Crimson Knots, and she gets a damage buff just for having other Nihility characters on the team. Purchase Acheron’s bonus abilities as soon as they’re unlocked.

Best Acheron Team Compositions

Acheron needs a very specific team to perform well since her Ultimate is reliant on allies inflicting debuffs and DoT effects on enemies to add Crimson Knots and feed her stacks of Slashed Dream. If you’re a F2P Trailblazer, try out this Acheron team composition.

  • Acheron
  • Guinaifen
  • Serval
  • Gallagher

Serval and Guinaifen are the queens of AOE debuffs and DoT effects, so they’re a perfect fit for Acheron. Newcomer Gallagher is also the best F2P healer for an Acheron-centric team since he can debuff enemies on top of keeping everyone’s HP topped off.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Acheron team, then this 5-Star lineup is the best.

  • Acheron
  • Silver Wolf
  • Kafka
  • Fu Xuan

You can swap out Fu Xuan for any healer or support unit of your choosing since it’s really the trio that carries this team. Acheron does most of the damage for this team with Silver Wolf and Kafka debuffing and inflicting DoT effects to build toward Acheron’s Ultimate. While you can swap out Silver Wolf for a character like Guinaifen to inflict more DoT effects and boost Kafka’s damage output, remember that Acheron needs two Nihility characters on the field to get the biggest possible damage buff from her Traces.

Acheron needs a very specific set of characters to succeed, but her second Eidolon gives you some wiggle room and reduces the required Nihility count to just one other unit. Unless you have Acheron E2, however, you’re going to want two Nihility units alongside Acheron at all times.

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