Lies of P Developer Gives Insight On Xbox Game Pass Day One Benefits


Lies of P did a fantastic job captivating audiences with its dark twist on the classic tale. Pinocchio lends itself to fear, but instead of going full horror, they used the dark themes of soulslike games. While this could have been enough for the game to do well, part of the glory goes to Xbox. A day-one release on Xbox Game Pass apparently has its benefits. In an interview with Game Rant, director Jiwon Choi delves into this bold move’s numerous benefits.

It’s easy to see the benefit of launching on Game Pass visibility-wise. Game Pass is a steal at $14.99, so many gamers are looking to the service to see what new games have arrived. It also has the benefit of being accessible to players who wouldn’t pay full retail value. With a subscription, players who might have hesitated at a retail price point were drawn to the game’s intriguing premise.

But the perks extended far beyond player count. As Choi emphasizes in the interview, marketing a new IP can be monumental in the crowded indie landscape. Xbox stepped in with a significant marketing push, running campaigns that helped Lies of P stand out from the noise. This crucial support ensured the game reached a wider audience, a vital factor in establishing itself as a potential franchise.

“The Xbox team ran a wide range of marketing campaigns for Lies of P, and I cannot reveal the exact number here, but a huge number of gamers have played our game through Xbox Game Pass. I believe both parties earned a very good result from this collaboration.”

Jiwon Choi

Rocket League developers said they had a similar experience thanks to joining PlayStation Plus when they first launched. It seems like a great way for smaller studios to get attention.

Unfortunately, the specific numbers of Lies of P cannot be told outside of the studio. This is likely due to contracts forbidding it. While details of how much this helped Lies of P can’t be said in numbers, the fact that the series is continuing is proof that it worked.