LG Transparent OLED Turns From TV Into Animated Art – Video

Speaker 1: Hey guys, want to see something really cool? I’ve never seen this before in a television, but this is lgs transparent OLED tv. And yes, it’s actually going on sale. This is a 77 inch OLED TV that you can actually see through to the wall behind or whatever you want to put behind that tv. And it’s a normal television in the beginning with a black screen and everything else you’d expect. And if the push of a button, that little black film goes [00:00:30] right down into its little hide hole and turns into this transparent tv. Now, as you can imagine, there’s a whole lot of cool things that LG has built into this TV to show off that transparent mode you can go into. Its always ready screensaver and choose from a bunch of different things in the background. You can show a fish tank, you can show a clock weather.

Speaker 1: You can basically make the TV behave as if it’s kind of like a window out into the world, and you can put pretty much anything else you want on that screen. Of course, this is a regular television too, so again, you could just press a button, bring up that black [00:01:00] screen and make it look just like a standard OLED tv. Now, this is a 77 inch television. LG says that the performance is going to be similar to maybe like a C four, not their very highest end televisions of the G four and M four series. That’s not going to be quite as bright, but again, this is going to be a really nice looking television generally, given the fact that OLED has excellent picture quality altogether. Of course, this transparent OLED TV is not going to be cheap. They haven’t given us the price yet, but a 77 inch TV that’s this custom, I’d expect [00:01:30] it to be many thousands of dollars.

Speaker 1: But this is also the first time this technology has been rolled out to a standard consumer television. So again, we’ve seen these in concepts before. We’ve seen ’em on digital signage. They’re generally used for commercial purposes. This is the first time that I’ve seen something like this actually shown as a real television. Now, LG says that around the bottom and the side of this furniture you see that’s going to be kind of custom. The TV itself is right above that furniture. That’s going to be kind of the final design here. So you’ll see all of that. But again, [00:02:00] you’ll see in the market ways to make this TV look even more like furniture blend in even more transparently into your home. So really cool design. I’m really a big fan of this technology in general, just for its cool factor. But the first time I’ve seen it kind of applied in a practical way.

Speaker 1: Again, most people don’t need a transparent tv. Most people don’t need this really cool factor on their TVs, but for LG to put it out in the market, we’ll see what happens with it. They’re saying there might be experimenting with even going larger sizes, smaller sizes, see how it does this year in the market. We’ll find [00:02:30] out later with lgs oled transparent tv, how it actually performs. But again, not the point. This is all about the design. Another extra on the OLED t LG has its wireless TV technology built into this. So it has a little box off to the side that you plug your devices into that communicates wirelessly to the television itself. You do have to plug the TV itself into the wall, but that wireless technology allows a really cool placement. You can kind of put a lot of stuff over in a cabinet, hide it, and you don’t have to worry about hiding those wires plugging into the TV itself. And that’s [00:03:00] a clear look at the LG ed, transparent T Television.