Letter to the editor: Pick a fight, Justin

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Re: Can’t ‘give up the fight’; Trudeau insists he isn’t going anywhere, March 17

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Which fight might that be, Justin? The fight to destroy democracy in Canada? The fight to send Canadians back to the Stone Age by banning gas and oil? Or is it just the fight to totally destroy Canada?

This country belongs to Canadians, and only we have the right to determine our path forward. We want to be able to heat our homes in winter, cool them in summer, afford to put food on the table, raise our children without government interference and live a life without fear of crime from gangs and drugs. We want the right to choose for ourselves and speak for ourselves. We want our tax dollars spent in Canada and on Canadians.

A real man wouldn’t make his country suffer the way you have. A real man would protect his people. In other words, we want a Canada without you as PM because you don’t represent this country or its citizens.

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Re: Can’t ‘give up the fight’; Trudeau insists he isn’t going anywhere, March 17

Justin Trudeau says he thinks about quitting all the time, but won’t because democracies are under attack around the world, and he says he entered politics to be there for this fight.

More BS from this hypocrite. Trudeau is and has been trying to take away more and more of our rights as a democratic country. He promised to run a transparent government, but that has proven to be a lie. He wants to dictate what we can or can’t say on social media, tried forcing Canadians to take COVID shots and invoked the Emergencies Act for a peaceful convoy protest, but today allows antisemites to freely, violently attack anything Jewish while he sits back and does nothing, even declaring them to be peaceful. I could go on and on, but that would require a book.

If Trudeau gets elected again, Canada will become a socialist country and we can all kiss our democracy goodbye.



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