Letter to the editor: Panic is now a way of life

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Re: SOLAR ECLIPSE: Safety concerns mean April 8 will be day off from school for at least some, online, Jan. 31

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Panic is now a way of life. On April 8, there will be a total solar eclipse, just as has happened many times before and will happen many times again.

I remember in grade school there was an eclipse and the schools remained open. We kids were warned not to look out at the sun during that time. Now, of course, with wokeness taking over our school boards and ultra-helicopter parenting, it has been decided to close schools that day.

A board memo stated that the OCDSB believes that children will be more safe at home, near their parents. Really? If anything, many kids will be outside during that time, and many will be unsupervised. Actually, it would be better if they started classes late and finished around 4 p.m.

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Kids, for the most part, aren’t stupid, no matter what precautions are taken. There will be those who will stare up into the sun; however, I bet in most cases it will be the adults.




You know there’s an election looming when the Liberals start bribing us with our own money. Where was the money for housing four years ago? Eight years ago? Shameful.




Re: A win for democracy, online Jan. 26

In response to the letter writers who supported Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley for ruling that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was unjustified when he invoked the Emergencies Act to break up the convoy protest, I guess they never thought about all the people and families who were living in the area of the protest. Especially the elderly who could not even go outside.

So I say using the Emergencies Act was the correct call, and I fully support it. Justice Mosley made a huge mistake for democracy. To the letter writers, just think if you were living in the area of those protesters.




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