Letter to the editor: Here are two choices to lead Liberals

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: Who would replace him? Letter, online, Jan. 19

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I read with interest your article about who is available to replace Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader. As you wrote, there isn’t a particularly strong leadership candidate in the Liberal party. May I suggest two leaders who I would support to lead the Liberal party in the next election.

Jean Charest: He has the credentials to lead the Liberal party, with a lean towards more fiscal responsibility. He is fluent in both official languages and carried the left-centre of Conservative populism in that leadership contest. I supported his bid during his campaign, which offered the direction I would like to see our country follow. The Conservative party is often referred to as a collection of rednecks. Jean Charest would be able to lead the majority of Canadians who are not particularly enthused about Poilievre.

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Tom Mulcair: A respectable opinion columnist with CTV broadcasting and the Montreal Gazette, who is well enough known to be an influence on a federal election outcome. Like Ed Broadbent before him, Tom was well enough liked as a leader, but the NDP party was not a viable alternative in his time period.

With the support of the media, a groundswell of support might install a leader of our country who we could respect going forward.




Has anybody else noticed how CTV has become CBC lite? All its shows on the “news” channel are carefully constructed to bash Conservatives and Republicans. Trump is bad and Poilievre is Trump North. They have people saying how bad it was under Trump.

But: No war in Ukraine. No war in Israel. The Taliban weren’t in charge in Afghanistan. The economy was starting to boom. Kim Jong Un was quiet and playing with his rockets at home. Iran was quiet and broke. In Canada, interest rates were low. Houses were affordable. The carbon tax was nowhere to be seen. Jobs were available. I would go back to that “Trump is Bad” time enthusiastically.

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Tucker Carlson for prime minister. He had the most popular show on cable news when he became a little too opinionated for the Murdoch clan over at Fox News and they canned him. However, his dismissal was the best thing that ever happened and his popularity has since soared to incredible heights. His speech in Alberta ruffled a few feathers, especially those of political pundits and those in the mainstream media who ordinarily toe the progressive line. The man is not afraid to ridicule Justin Trudeau. We badly need a Tucker type in this country.




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