Letter to the editor: Fourth anniversary of COVID-inspired tyranny

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This week our nation and most other ones in the western world will have experienced the fourth anniversary of political tyranny and rights abuses. That is the implementation of draconian COVID rights-abusing policies.

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Here in Canada, federally, Justin Trudeau forced travellers coming back from foreign areas to either quarantine in hotels for 14 days, not allowed to leave their rooms, or to stay put in their abodes for the same length of time. In Ontario, Doug Ford was also autocratic, closing small businesses, with many never recovering, but making sure to keep open booze and weed outlets. The health-care mandarins scared the bejesus out of folks who dared to have a large Christmas family gathering or invite friends over. New Brunswick would not allow outside residents from other provinces to enter without vaccination documents, Quebec enforced Nazi-style curfews.

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Think it is over? Well, just wait until another pandemic is declared. I just hope that the populace rises up and refuses to follow more tyrannical edicts, although I am afraid it will again capitulate.



Re: Victims-of-crime ombud to examine how justice system treats sexual assault survivors, online, March 11

The primary role of any justice system must be protecting the most vulnerable members of society, i.e., the very young and the elderly. Yet, under Justin Trudeau’s current revolving door weak-on-crime justice system, that seldom happens.

Sex trafficking has become a billion-dollar business, with young children forced into prostitution. When the perpetrators of sex crimes against children are brought to court, they seldom receive sentences that serve either as a deterrent to others or are reflective of the serious harm to those sexually abused. Many of those subjected to such crimes end up with their lives forever ruined.

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Too often sex-crime victims are re-victimized by the current justice system.



The Province of Ontario converting the classification of long-term care beds to homes is pretending to do something when doing nothing at all. If a government wants to do something meaningful that we can afford, the feds should stop immigration into our country or slow it to levels that we can accommodate. Anything less is just bankrupting future generations.



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