Letter to the editor: Don’t hide news on European farmers’ protests

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There are massive farmer protests in Europe decrying what many see as the draconian “green” measures being imposed by the European Union. If you look on the internet, you’ll see lots of videos of huge protests, with massive tractor convoys blocking highways, dumping farm waste on public infrastructures, etc.

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As I wrote this, there was a huge convoy headed for Paris that dwarfed what we saw here in Canada. Yet, not a single mention of this in our regular news media. Doesn’t it bother folks even a teensy bit that these momentous world events are being hidden from them? At least that’s what it seems: The media outlets eagerly report on all kinds of banalities, but not a peep on this unprecedented continent-wide revolution.

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Why is that? It’s almost as if somewhere someone feels that this news will be inimical to their political interests. Maybe they’re worried this might catch on here.

Most people don’t seem to care. As long as those government goodies keep coming and they have their tiny screens to bow to, they’re happy. They care more about the goings-on of movie stars than they do about essential matters in their own lives.



With Justin Trudeau’s recent and confusing derogatory name-calling of Conservative candidate Jamil Jivani prior to Durham riding’s byelection, we need to ask if our prime minister is a racist. Such name-calling is what we would expect from the wingnuts south of our border!

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I recently read an article comparing our 1.6 per cent of the world’s emissions to putting 100 cows into a building and measuring the methane, then removing one cow and expecting a drastic reduction of methane.

Now the Liberals are apparently considering whether pizza and bagel wood-burning businesses should start measuring their air pollution. How many pizza and bagel businesses actually use wood to cook their products? I’ll bet they are few and far between, but Justin Trudeau wants to look like the world messiah on air pollution.

These small businesses have struggled enough during and after COVID, and now the Liberals want to add even more costs to these small businesses.

Where have all the billions gone that Trudeau sucked out of our wallets, other than giving them away to every pet project around the world except right here in Canada, where they are needed more for the taxpayers who are financing his green agenda?



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