LEGO Zelda Set Details Leak Online


  • The Legend of Zelda franchise may receive its own official LEGO set, according to a recent leak, sparking excitement among fans. It will supposedly release in September 2024, include 2500 pieces, and feature a Great Deku Tree.
  • While there are no official LEGO sets for The Legend of Zelda, fans have created their own unofficial sets featuring characters and locations from the game.
  • Nintendo’s previous collaboration with LEGO for the Super Mario franchise suggests potential for future official LEGO sets based on The Legend of Zelda and other iconic Nintendo franchises.

Popular rumors based on a new leak suggest that fans of The Legend of Zelda franchise could see the series receive its own official LEGO set later on this year. While there are few known details regarding this potential LEGO collaboration, talk of LEGO sets featuring The Legend of Zelda franchise has persisted for many years now, with such discussion becoming much more widespread following a batch of related rumors which began around this time last year.

The explosive popularity of the many new Zelda games released over the past several years has led many to hold out hope that the series may represent another of Nintendo’s IPs that’s ready to see an official collaboration with LEGO, though unfortunately, the Super Mario franchise has been the only Nintendo-owned property to have the honor thus far. While The Legend of Zelda may not have any official LEGO sets of its own, plenty of Zelda fans have created their own unofficial LEGO sets featuring certain locations and characters from the kingdom of Hyrule.


After Tears of the Kingdom, The Case for a LEGO Zelda Game is Stronger Than Ever

Tears of the Kingdom gives players near limitless freedom to create in Hyrule, providing the perfect toolkit for a LEGO Zelda game.

Interestingly enough, new information shared via an esteemed LEGO fan and leaker known online as 1414falconfan has rekindled some hope for at least one official Legend of Zelda LEGO set. The set will apparently include a total of around 2,500 pieces and will feature the Great Deku Tree, a popular and longtime character seen across many of the Zelda games. According to these leaks, the LEGO set is slated to release sometime in September of this year, though it’s currently not clear whether this would be a one-off set or a sign of a more lengthy and involved collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these leaks may not be entirely accurate, and unfortunately, the hope of this LEGO set becoming official is essentially based on little more than rumors at this point. In the meantime, creative gaming enthusiasts will continue to show their passion for their favorite games by using LEGO as a medium, with plenty of fanmade LEGO sets constantly being designed for popular franchises such as Halo, Pokemon, and countless more. Some such sets even make their way to the LEGO Ideas website and gain substantial community support, such as ta popular fanmade No Man’s Sky LEGO set.

While it remains up to fans to decide whether these leaked sets are likely to see the light of day, Nintendo’s Super Mario x LEGO collaboration shows that the Japanese video game giant isn’t opposed to the idea of official LEGO sets based on its games. With The Legend of Zelda confidently standing as one of the most iconic and recognizable franchises in the industry, there’s certainly potential for Nintendo’s LEGO collaborations to expand in the future.


The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a Nintendo-exclusive adventure series starring Link. Spread across multiple consoles and generations in both 2D and 3D, The Legend of Zelda games feature action, exploration, puzzles, and unique items.