LEGO Fortnite leak unveils exciting arsenal of game-changing weapons

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LEGO Fortnite has been out for less than a month, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t have a lot of content at the moment. However, it’s a permanent game mode, which means that Epic Games will keep developing it. According to the latest leak, LEGO Fortnite will get game-changing weapons and a new rarity.

The sandbox game has a lot of potential and has already attracted millions of players. With new content, Epic could turn LEGO Fortnite into the most popular open-world game on the market.

New LEGO Fortnite weapons will be powerful, according to the leak

At the moment, some of the best weapons in LEGO Fortnite are an Epic Longsword and a Recurve Bow. The melee weapon deals 9 damage, although this can be slightly increased with an Essence of Damage.

According to the latest leak by iFireMonkey, the Rift Sword is one of the upcoming weapons. This will be a tier 5 weapon, meaning that it will be the strongest weapon in the game. The leaker also released a video showcasing the new sword, and it shows 13 damage per hit. It’s important to note that this is a regular, non-enchanted version of the weapon.

Besides the Rift Sword, the LEGO Fortnite leak shows a couple of other weapons and tools. Here is a list of them:

  • Rift Hammer
  • Rift Recurve Bow (Dark Crossbow)
  • Iron Axe
  • Titanium Shovel
  • Titanium Pickaxe

Considering that the Epic variant of the Recurve Bow is currently the strongest weapon in the game with 4 damage per hit, the Rift variant will likely be much stronger. It could be the first LEGO Fortnite weapon to deal 20 or more damage.

With the release of these weapons, Epic Games may also add new Charms to the game. While the release date of these items is currently unknown, they may arrive as early as Tuesday, January 9.