LEGO Fortnite Gets New Update Featuring Several Tweaks

Following the release of the popular crafting survival game LEGO Fortnite, Epic Games is not dropping the ball, and it’s continuing to update it. 

The update follows another that changed the durability of tools and weapons, but this time it brings a broader range of changes.

Specifically, we get a number of tweaks to monsters, their drops, grapplers, and even more changes to tool durability, which is always a matter of contention in this kind of game.

Below you can find all the specific changes, shared on X (formerly Twitter).

  • Nerfed Brute’s poison attack and Frost Scorpion’s explosion.
  • Critters have less health, and Spiders under rocks are more rare.
  • Petting rams drops Heavy Wool.
  • Grapplers can be used 30 times!
  • More durability fixes!

If you’re wondering about the durability fixes, the previous update that increased the durability of all tools and weapons by 30%, but it appears that rare and epic tools weren’t buffed enough. Due to that, they’ve been buffed by a further 60% on top of the previous improvement. 

That’s certainly pretty neat considering that LEGO Fortnite doesn’t offer a way to repair them, and having something defined rare or epic that flies to pieces in a few swing isn’t exactly a great experience.

LEGO Fortnite is playable now for free on all platforms that support Fortnite

It debuted last week with impressive numbers and it’s part of a sequence of three new experiences announced at the Big Bang Live event at that marked the end of the OG Season.

While it currently counts around 800,000 concurrent players at peak times and it’s not as crazy as the 2.4 million it had at launch, this is to be expected and still certainly very flattering for the developers.

The other two games which launched just after LEGO Fortnite are Rocket Racing by Rocket League studio Psyonix and Fornite Festival by Rock Band developer Harmonix.You could see them as another step in Epic Games’ plans to turn Fortnite into an actual Metaverse. 

Incidentally, you can still unlock the brand-new Explorer Emilie skin for LEGO Fortnite and the base game by connecting your Epic Games account with your LEGO Insider account.