LEGO Fortnite community wants Epic to add this highly requested feature

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Epic Games’ initial introduction of LEGO Fortnite as part of Chapter 5 Season 1 has quickly made the Minecraft-like open-world mode a hit with the community. But despite the near-endless amount of content it offers, some fans continue to lob suggestions at the game’s developers to make it even more enticing and enjoyable, and one of the latest player requests involves the addition of more transportation options in the game.

Now, avid LEGO Fortnite players are undoubtedly already familiar with the game’s lack of vehicles and mounts, which force you to walk absurd distances just to reach different biomes and regions. Naturally, this has prompted some players to plead with Epic Games to add more traversal options to make venturing across the map slightly less taxing. Over on Reddit, one player even created a thread listing what they’d like to see added, including bikes and horses as possible future transportation options.

Many comments below the post similarly cited vehicles and mounts as features they’d like to see introduced, as one player said: “The game desperately needs mobility items. DESPERATELY.” Another user claimed that the lack of transportation items forced them to drop the game temporarily: “I’m just taking a break from the game until they add transportation.” “I’m just going to wait until they add traversal so I can, long-term, explore properly,” they finished.

Of course, with Epic yet to respond to these complaints, it remains unclear whether the game’s developer will add more traversal alternatives. However, a large-scale, open-world mode like LEGO Fortnite requires several transportation options to make venturing through the map easier, so some of these requests are undoubtedly in the realm of possibility.

For now, you can only remain patient and see if Epic eventually decides to introduce vehicles to the blocky adventure mode. While you wait, check out our guides on the LEGO Fortnite village upgrade requirements, the LEGO Fortnite build limit, and the best LEGO Fortnite seeds.